Ever been tagged in a post that you wish certain people didn’t see? Me too, man.

There has been jokes online that say almost everyone has a Facebook account that even your grandma has one (and she gives adorable comments to your pictures). This ongoing joke speaks the truth though, because Facebook is the leading social network with a whopping amount of 2 billion monthly active users
Anyways, editing privacy settings on social networks is crucial these days because you never know what the default settings are, and who can see your information at any given time. You’re being careful that a family relative could see a tagged photo of your night out, when really you should be watching out for strangers that could easily see information on your profile.

Basic Privacy Settings

To start, all you have to do is look at the top right of your homepage and click on settings that lets you access Privacy Setting and Tools.

Excuse my whopping amount of notifications

The privacy setting is in a listed form of the commonly asked questions for various things. It lets you have options for who can see your stuff, who can contact you, and who can look you up.

Each button gives you the same 6 options for that particular setting; It even provides a brief description for each one that makes me think if this blog will be mostly pictures because it is already quite informative.

The Custom option is basically a setting that lets you list under its two categories, namely “Share with” and “Don’t share with.” This lets you list specific names of people from your Friend list. In addition, the Timeline and Tagging tab lets you choose your privacy in terms of your profile, like who gets to see what you post, who gets to see what others post on your profile, and who gets to see your tagged photos.

Posts on your Timeline

Ever regret something that you posted? The audience selector lets you edit who can see your post that is already posted. You can edit who gets to see your stuff before posting AND you can still edit after posting.

Posts from Others

If a person posted something in your profile that you don’t like, you have the option to either delete or hide it from your Timeline. Simply look for the 3 dots near that post on the right side.

Edit Profile

In your Profile Settings, seen at the bottom of your cover photo, you also have the option to customize who can see certain information in the About Section if you hover your mouse on the right side. With this, you get to decide who sees your profile information like your email, your birthday and your number.

View As

It doesn’t end there. To check if you have done your privacy settings right, Facebook can let you see how your profile looks like from the view of others. Just go to your profile, and click the button beside Message.

You can now see how your profile looks from the public eye or how it looks from the view of a specific person from your Friend list.

Your present profile and cover photo does not give you the option to change who can see it and is thus view-able by the public.

Manage Sections

Clicking on the More option (just under the Edit Profile in your profile) lets you show, hide, and arrange sections in your Facebook profile. If you scroll down, you can uncheck the box on the Likes category and you can finally hide all those embarrassing fan pages you liked back in 2010!