A Good Story is its Own Kind of Success — Day 2

It’s only the second day of the challenge I set out for myself, to write something on Medium every day for 30 days, and I find myself sitting in bed at the end of the day with nothing written.

One of the lessons I pulled from last week’s podcasting trip was “A good story is it’s own kind of success.”

This week I travelled to the west coast for the Spartan Up podcast. On the second day we lined up an interview with a well known person… and we blew it. Thanks to messed up internal communication and a rushed schedule we lost the interview. I can’t tell the full story here, but let’s just say it was kind of dramatic.

We felt pretty bad about it, and so we started talking. Next thing you know we’re telling everyone we meet the story, and we always get a great reaction! Some are shocked, most are laughing. That night at a company dinner all 10 people at our table laughing, commenting and making suggestions. The story is taking on a life of it’s own.

Jon Levy, author of “The 2 AM Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure” said living a remarkable life means living one with adventures worthy of “remarking”. How do you determine the ROI of an adventure? It might be the quality of the story you come home with.

Tonight is the last night of a family vacation. We sat on the dock together enjoying a final sunset. As the sun sank down we decided we needed to take a spur of the moment dunk in the icy water. Only a few of us had bathing suits or towels, but we knew this was the life we wanted to live. One not restrained by irrelevant excuses and details. In shorts, T-shirts or boxers we all took the plunge. Together. It wasn’t fun. It was cold. But even as we experienced it we started creating that shared story. One that will become part of our family lore, and one that binds us together.

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