There are some things in life that you hear about and move on never to think of them again. There are chances that are given and never taken and yet again we just move on. Although, every once in a while we hear something that sticks with us, and every once in a while those words turn into a chance, wether we take it or not is up to us.

We hear these things, and we get these chances and we move on. However this is not the case in this story. Some months ago an email was sent to me with the link that took me to the Holberton School website. After looking around for a moment on the site I went back to checking my email. I moved on, but the thought and impress that Holberton had on me didn’t leave.

After struggling to find my field and trying to pick my path at my current community college the thought of Holberton once again entered my mind. I immediately went and searched through what felt like hundreds of emails until I found the link, it was then that I knew what I needed to do.

This was 2 weeks ago, and I have never felt a more excited wave come upon me. I want to answer the two asked questions of me, why I want to attend Holberton School and why I want to become a software engineer. These two questions have been on my mind since I began filling out my application 2 weeks ago, and I am ready to share.

Holberton School isn’t just a school of learning, it is a school of hands on interaction which is what attracts me to it so much. The opportunities that would be offered to me while attending Holberton would be that far above what I would recieve in a traditional college classroom. I feel as though I learn best by doing and that is exactly what Holberton would give to me. For me, I see Holberton as a fresh start, a new chance to learn and to push myself.

Being a very motivative person I feel as though Holberton School of software engineering would give me the chance to push myself and to expand my horizons. I look forward to the day when I can bring home a solid pay check to my family and I feel as though Holberton can give me the education required to do such things.

The second question mentioned was why I want to become a software engineer. As kids we dream of growing up to be doctors and firefighters, nurses and teachers. We dream of being the people that we see changing the world, but these people can’t change the world without people behind them changing the technology and making what they do possible. For me, I never dream of growing up to be a software engineer and I never planned on becoming one, that is, until I learned what I love.

Coming from a small high school I was given many different opportunities to grow and be involved, I found myself as the “Web Master” my junior and senior year and I loved it! I however never thought I would want to make a career out of it. Soon after I found myself in a college photoshop class while attending community college, and yet again I loved it! Since I began exploring the technologies and my design skills have come to life I have been complimented on the fine work that I do, however I still didn’t think I could make a career out of it.

I began to read into the different programs that were offered at my college and found that nothing seamed to match this love I had for design or technology. I began to search online and I found the software engineering fields and read into them more. Since doing that research I have wanted nothing more than to do this that I love as a job forever. I feel as though becoming a software engineer would give me the space and knowledge that I need to do what I love, forever.

We are given chances and opportunities, and some pass, but other stay. The opportunity and chance that I ran into Holberton School is what I believe as fate. I am so exciting to expand my horizons and hopefully attend Holberton School to do such.