Blog Post #7

I found my that a central, overarching topic for each of my posts on Medium, was media.

This makes sense, as it is incorporated into my major, and a huge chunk of this course was revolved around it.

I have definitely gotten better at posting on Medium. My ability to use space and summarize has improved.

Here is a list of my blog posts 1–6.

Blog Post #1 was about my 5 personal learning principles.

Blog Post #2 was about what I learned from keeping an attention log.

Blog Post #3 broke down my big question, which touched on self-promotion through the use of social media.

Blog Post #4 required the use of a TED talk (or similar idea as a TED talk) in a way that relates to our big question.

Blog Post #5 asked a question about social media that I’d like explore.

Blog Post #6 wrote about the topic I would’ve taught the class about. The link to my blog post responding to this one can be found here.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I would say blogging made a big impact on my overall plan. That being said, I have become a much better summarizer and have developed an eye for adequate ways to get people interested in what you have to say. I’m a bit media-d out at this point in time, but I did learn a lot of interesting things.

I think one major thing that’s cool about the Whittier Scholars Program overall, is how diverse of a crowd it attracts. So for me personally, I think the course will be one of the more important ones that I take, because of how open-ended it is. It’s all students who care a lot about what they’re doing, otherwise they wouldn’t be there, which makes a really big difference.

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