“Watch the Throne”

You guys probably aware of the tremendous TV Show hosted by Netflix and starring on my favorite actor (Second one after chubby — chou — no Oscars yet — Leonardo Di Caprio): the outstanding Kevin Spacey. And this is a story about his character — the controversial — a bit sociopath — Frank Underwood who elaborates a plan to sit on the Resolute desk, the famous White House throne. Well, I don’t wanna ring the “Spoilers Alerts” alarm but hey, we are in August 2015 and you know HE ACTUALLY DID IT. Well, if you skip the different scenes where he’s acting evil, his journey /record/career is a source of inspiration. All the genius strategies, alliances, stratagems he made to be raised on the top of the food chain is absolutely speechless : He learned how to play the game of thrones.

I mentioned in my first post, how the tv show How to Make it in America hosted by HBO inspired me to tell my own story and write this blog. But, House of Cards caries the same passion as I do fo being an entrepreneur and the same ambition I have to be successful.

In House of Cards, Frank Underwood is facing to two choices, two paths: staying with the flock of caws or becoming the wolf? Staying with the spectators or becoming the movie director? Being an outsider or making the History? Of course he’s not an angel but I admired his cleverness, his passion and his bestiality. And I’m faced right now to same position with the threat of the competitors.

But don’t be scared big girl. If there is a competitors, there is a market. But I feel like, the more I move forward on my market analysis (Remember : be your market beast), the more I’m faced to an endless competition. And Hong Kong is only a city! What would be it look like faced to whole China market ? Asian market?

Scary one. Like the pure players, the “gorilla”, the followers, the “somewhere hidden ones” and far far away from the galaxy : Me. But again, this is only the beginning. Patience big girl.

So the competition looks scary, yes, that’s a point. But I am pushing the market analysis to deliver me all the key points, structure, prices, organisation, key players, network, customers and of course, being on the battle field, go and see how they really look like beyond their websites. But it doesn’t frightening me at all, au contraire, this is the best exercice ever, working on what could be my competitive advantage, how can I be different from what already exists on the market (That rings an old bell : Marketing courses — Fresh year or EDC Business School Paris). And this is damned CHALLENGING and SO STIMULATING.

What can I rely on? what would be my strength? Would it be my networking? How many influencers I know? My skills? My expertises? At this stage, there is no true answer, I guess. However, something I’m 100% sure about is — no matter how my idea or project could be AMAZING, it’s a matter of choosing the right people to work with.

So, peeps what do you think, should I sit down, rise my eyes up and watch the throne? Or should I embrace Frank Underwood’s way and climb it step by step?

Game on.

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Originally published at howtomakeitinhongkong.com on August 12, 2015.