The Great Divide
umair haque

Thank you for this great piece. I have been reading through your work and it is very thought provoking.

Basic reality: the world is run by corporations, as if it were a corporation — everything can and is sacrificed for the bottom line. As in the Canadian documentary “The Corporation”, corporations act like psychopaths. If the world is run by corporations, this is equivalent to the world being run by psychopaths. In ancient times, in medieval times, in modern times — all that changes are the tools used to subjugate us to the will of the psychopath. If this seems far fetched, we need only to take a look: corporate greed is behind everything — behind the dying oceans, behind the raging wars, behind minimum wage that long ago stopped being a living wage in NA, behind the slave trades, etc.

So when you speak of a new way to think about it, a new way to approach the world and create real change, it feels to me like you are talking about finding a way to stop a psychopath. And I wonder - is there a way? What ideology, what new way could beat the psychopath?

On a personal level, we can act with empathy, kindness, altruism. And thank goodness we can and we do. On a global level, I feel like the psychopath is winning hand over fist.

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