Blog Post #7

Blog Post #1

This blog post was a relfection of my educational journey throughout my life thus far. It talks about my strengths and weaknesses as a student, and what I can do with my new self design major.

Blog Post #2

This post was talking about how people use their phones way to often, and what I observed when I paid attention to the activity around me.

Blog Post #3

This post was about what my big question was. I talked about the question that I have always been asking myself and what direction I want to take my life. Specifically, I talked about my music direction.

Blog Post #4

This blog post was about a TED talk that I found interesting. The blog post was about sustainability and how investors should be putting their money in that feild.

Blog Post #5

This was about the social responsibility that the youth have to utilize their social media voice and platforms. I write about how a lot of youth are not really using their platforms for the better.

Blog Post #6

This is about my in class presentation and specifically on my lesson about sustainability in the social, economic, and enviornmental aspects of life.

If anything my reflection through blogging made me more imersed in the value of my major and how I can use this when I graduate. I’m very excited to put my thought of creating this major to work. Through this class and blogging about topics, I began to see things in a different light. My outlook on my major and life in gereral became more diverse. I’m very excited to begin my venture into the last year and a half here at Whittier.

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