TED Talk That Prompted my Big Q

I’ve watched many TED Talks about various different subjects. From love and sex to substainability in the fashion industry. I always find these talks so inspirational and worthwhile. Let me just give a quick shout out to the TED Talks people. This is by far one of the coolest most informational platforms to access different subjects and ideas in a way that is easy to understand.

The TED talk I watched was called The investment logic for sustainability by Chris Mcknett. This TED talk highlighted the importance of institutional investment in sustainability and ESG. He touched on a lot of interesting points regarding market investment in environmental protection, including why companies should invest, why it’s safe to invest, and the overall benefits of putting money where it needs to be.

I really enjoyed his TED talk because he spoke fluidly, factually, and had diagrams and jokes tied in throughout his speech. I thought at first it would be hard to understand because its certainty not an easy listen topic. However, he made it very straight to the point in a way that seemed accessible to a student like me. I found it inspirational because he used quotes from Mark Twain and J.F.K, that were appropriately placed.

I really enjoyed this TED talk and it actually really helps me in my general direction of my bigger question. This is because by combining business and sensibility I must be able to engage with business people on a level they understand. By understanding the meaning of investment, and being able to lay it out for future projects in a way that is under stable and not radical; I will be able to further my consensus of my question.


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