How to Find a Reliable Magento Developer

Even Magento is famous for it’s Open Source based system, Magento still considered as one of the most complex and hard to understand E-commerce system that available today. This is especially true when you try to compare Magento with other E-commerce systems like Shopify and Opencart.

However, Magento is far more capable in many aspects, like in SEO, customizations and modifications, automation of order and shipment system, user capabilities, coupons, upsell, gift codes, and much more. However, with endless possibilities comes complexity.

That is why it is more common for any business owner who wants to use Magento as their E-commerce platform to hire a Magento developer service. Magento is more suitable to be handled by a professional developer. It is a bit hard to set up by yourself (unless you are a Magento developer).

In order to get the best result for your Magento developing stage, you must hire a good Magento developer. The main problem now is, finding a professional and good developer for Magento is not that easy. That is why now I will give you some tips for to find a good Magento developer to hire.

1. Know your own need

How you can ask for a quote and contact a Magento developer if you even do not know what exactly you want in the first place? So, first thing first, you need to sit down and write a detailed plan that consists of all your desires and needs.

No, there is no need for you to become a Magento expert in order to make a proper plan. All you need is just some proper basic information, enough so you can understand all focal points, advantages, and disadvantages which you can get from using Magento for your online store. You can read articles like beginners guide for Magento on the internet. There are a bunch of them. Reading them can help you to become at least a bit familiar with Magento system so you can make a better plan for your online store.

You also need to think about other aspects, such as timetables, priorities, and budget. If you did your research, the developer also will take you more seriously and you will be less likely to get deceived by a bad developer.

2. Where can you find the developer?

There are several good places for you to go :

· Ask people near you, like your family, relatives, and friends

The personal network always one of the best and the easiest primary network for any occasion. Not to mention it is safer to trust someone you know rather than believe what a stranger said on the internet. You can ask help from your friends, relatives or families to recommend a good developer who is proficient and trustworthy to set up your Magento online store.

Personal experience is one of the most important points here. Do not trust them if they never try the service in person.

· Check the Magento community

If you do not have any personal network who has an experience with Magento, you can try your luck at the Magento’s solution partner community. They can help with any kind of Magento implementation tasks. At there, you can get an access to service, product, or even Magento training so you can fulfill all your needs. You also can filter your search to find a good developer based on its location and specialization.

· Go to Magento certification directory

If you want to find a certified Magento developer to help you with your project, then this is the best place for you to go. This is also the place if you want to find an individual Magento developer rather than a company or a big group, especially if you have a small project in mind (like merely adding an extension or upgrade the security patches).

· Social media

Social media is the best tool to spread any word faster and cheaper. All you need to do is just make a new post in your social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc so other people know that you are looking for Magento developer to hire right now.

3. Find a dependable Magento certified developer

That is right, Magento provides certifications for an experienced developer who wants to validate their skills in the real world. Magento certifications are specially made for professionals who need to differentiate themselves in the market, especially in the competition with another Magento developer. Having Magento certificate alone already shows how serious the developer about his or her work.

There are several kinds of certificates which available for Magento developer, based on their expertise and focus on Magento platform. For example, if you want to hire someone who can align business objective with Magento functions, deep understanding of business, can optimize the use of Magento features, and know e-commerce, then a developer with Magento Solution Specialist certification is the one who you are looking for.

4. Look for one with a great deal of experience

Compared to other E-commerce platforms, Magento is a very versatile one. Feature-rich, fully scalable, and also 100% customizable. Basically, you can do almost anything with it. Magento was created that way so the users will be able to input any kind of features they want inside. There are so many things to write when it comes to Magento versatility.

But, keep in mind that in order to get the most out of Magento, you will need a developer with real experience. Due to its versatility, your Magento store will only go as far as your developer knowledge. This is why you need one with vast experience.

5. For a big project, find an agency

There is a limit of what one person can do. This is also one of the main reasons why there are several different certificates for Magento out there. Magento contains so many e-commerce aspects, like PHP programming, business logic, dropshipping, design and implementation, usability, content marketing, and much more.

Big agency

If you meet with a single developer who claimed to be an expert in all those aspects, do not believe it! There is no single person in this world who can be an expert in everything so that person must be bluffing.

That is why, for a big project, it would be the best if you can hire a full team Magento developer instead of an independent developer. In a full team, each member usually will have their own specialty. But hiring a full team like that will cost you some fortune, so ask a quote first.

6. As for a real portfolio

Anybody can claim as a Magento expert, but not all of them can show a real proof to you. If they are honest, they will happily direct you to their online portfolio or share the links of the websites they have worked on before. If you have any question, ask it! Every developer has their own price. If one developer is a bit more expensive than the other, ask what makes them special.

An expert and great Magento developer will be willing to point out any custom features they have developed for their customers.

7. Decide for a long-term relationship

Do not think an online store is the same as a general website that has a static structure and can work on its own. While it is true that, if a Magento store was built properly, the sales process can run automatically.

Decide for a long-term relationship

However, keep in mind that like a real living being, your online store can get ill by viruses too, get damaged by a hacker’s attack, or simply shut down due to an unknown reason. Even without problems like those, you still need to do a regular update or licenses renewal. That is mean, your work is not over the moment your online store goes live. In fact, everything just started from that point. You need to hire a reliable Magento developer and start building a long-term relationship.

8. Look for a developer with fair and transparent pricing

When you reach proposal stage, get a clear price from the developer. You are not only want to get a fair price here. Ask them how the pricing works. Like I said before, Magento is not a static website, so consider the project will keep evolving as it continues. You need to keep an eye on the price rate. See how it changes when the project’s scope change.

Finding a good Magento developer is not easy, especially if it’s your first time. But you still need to do it nonetheless, because it is the first step of your journey towards a successful Magento online store.