Magento And ERP Integration

The most complicated thing in ecommerce sphere is online stores integration with other systems. The store, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and their interconnection are three pillars of a successful company functioning if we are talking about integration. As a rule, online business forges ahead expanding and updating via new approaches and technologies implementing, so there are always opportunities for the integration.

Let’s try to find out the answers to the following questions to understand the integration issues in more prominent way.

Why do we need Magento? And the first notable thing here is its rich functionality. It provides by an open source code, flexible product attributes, client groups, pricing rules, multi level navigation, payment and shipment integration, import and export abilities. The second factor that makes a million vendors decide on Magento is its Application Programming Interface (API). The APIs are actually advanced thank to their ability to be expanded via modular way. And the last one pro argument is Magento is already integrated platform.

Why do we need ERP? By its definition, ERP focuses on the integration of the main business processes like finance, budgeting, payments management, accounting and others. Connecting data and processes ERP is able to improve quality, effectiveness, cooperation, monitoring and facilitates decisions making process. ERP is always adjusted according to the company needs so like it is a case with Magento flexibility is on the genetic level.

Why do we need the integration of Magento extension and ERP? There is no difference whether you have a major company or it’s just your hobby, you will be great to optimize and automatize recurring tasks. It saves time and money, decreases errors happening risk, multiplies opportunities and prevents from many other disappointments. That is why you need integration. Another ‘pro’ integration point is an opportunity to share the task performed between different systems automatically. But the main condition here is integration should be seamless.

How can we carry out the integration of Magento extension and ERP? The main aspect to be considered is it should meet the business requirements. So to provide this condition is fulfilled we should choose the best integration provider. And here also some issues to be considered like the ability to improve, scalability, data security, technical support.

Try to clear up the moment highlighted below and check if you really need ERP integration. As practice shows, sooner or later vendors face to the necessity of such an integration.