This makes me so sad.
Sherry Caris

Kudos. I am so saddened by the vitriol in anti-Boomer rhetoric. We sat in our huge class sizes with desks arranged in rows knowing full well we were a dime a dozen without the heartening messages of Sesame Street that came out too late for us.

Our parents raised us with the ‘children should be seen and not heard’ ideologies of their parents. We waited in the car while our parents shopped, and rode without seat belts, much less car seats.

I didn’t emerge from college with debt, but I was poor upon graduation just the same. Grad school took me 17 years to pay off. The upside is that my credit rating is fabulous.

I have more to offer now than ever, but presumed irrelevancy keeps me up at night. Just like it makes many sleepless these days. It is unhelpful to slather others with blame for the woes of the world. Makes me think of the Flesh Fair in the film AI, which itself mirrored the Holocaust, another immoral waste of humanity.