Is it time to question the “call to action” clamour?

In times of uncertainty and stress I often hear the words “We need to do something!”. And there is the old adage that “Actions speak louder than words”, which current world events seems to be proving to be true.

But what if the “Actions speak louder than words” culture is reinforcing our differences? What if we actually need to get better at the words before we act?

Early research is suggesting that a call to action actually closes our minds and reinforces our current assumptions and beliefs. The work of William Isaacs and Otto Scharmer also supports this theory and they describe four fields of conversation…

Talking nice->Talking tough->Reflective dialogue->Generative dialogue.

Do we talk nice, leaving people feeling unheard? Do we talk tough, encouraging feelings of anger and frustration? Do your leaders? Do these conversations leave you with an open mind and heart or do they close you down?

What if instead we chose to reflect on our part in creating the world we live in? To hear people and understand their needs and pain. To be open to changing our minds, changing the rules and generating new possibilities for the future.

Maybe it’s only when we choose to take the time for reflective and generative conversations that we will take actions leading to lasting positive change for us all.

Are too many actions being taken without insight today?

Is it time to question the “call to action” clamour?

Is it time to make space for inactivity and dialogue?

What are you doing to create the space for reflective and generative dialogue?

A few tools and techniques you can experiment with to encourage different conversations are Talking circle, World Cafe, Open Space and Time to think.

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