I love my pain

Pain is a feeling to be celebrated, not feared or avoided.

Pain means that we are ready to heal, that our emotions have surfaced and are ready to be released.

Pain is the universes way of communicating that it’s time to shed this layer and grow.

Pain is the turning point where we transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

This metamorphosis takes courage, bravery, self-love, and an unshakable commitment to growth.

The more it hurts, the more you want to run and hide from it, the more you want to change the subject, the more healing power is available.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

My whole life until now I lived in this state of paralysis around feeling feelings I labeled as negative. I lived through life traumas without shedding a tear, without allowing myself the privilege of processing what was happening. Instead I pushed my emotions deep down inside myself until they manifested as illness. This was my wake up call.

Now, after deep soul work, I can officially say I love my pain because I’m clear on its purpose and healing powers. I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I know that once I feel it, once I release it, I’m free.

This has been my process in releasing my pain:

1. Morning pages aka “Brain Drain:” Write 3 pages a day. This daily practice releases our mind chatter, extracting it from our cluttered minds and onto the paper/ laptop. This allows us to start our days clear and can see the world from a lens of purity versus through a colored lens. This system works best if we do it without distraction and as a regular, daily practice. That means putting away your phone, without answering emails, getting lost on Facebook, eating a snack, or any other avoidance tactics. Just write, just allow our brains to drain. For more on this check out “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron.

2. Communicate with our child selves: A majority of the pain we carry today was created when we were children, beginning as a simple thought and then materializing into what we believe to be truth. When we open that inner dialogue we go directly to the origin, we are able to heal these wounds, and we are able to clean out the clutter. How to do this? Sit in meditation or during your morning pages and talk to your child self as you would a loved one. Ask questions like “how are you? How are you feeling? What can I do for you? Where are you needing more love?” Keep asking these questions and allow our inner child to talk back. At first, you will feel like a certified lunatic, this means you’re doing it right. These feelings of resistance are just your ego wanting you to stay stagnant.

3. Check-ins with our body: Develop that awareness of our bodies, as they send us messages at all times. Coming from the school of thought that the mind manifests all bodily ailments, any tension, pain, injuries, illnesses, even those “random accidents” we incur, are all message from our higher selves/ the universe that we are out of alignment. If this resonates with you there are many books on the mind- body connection. One of the many being “You Can Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay.

Do you have some release work that has been beneficial for you? Please share, I would LOVE to hear your practices!