India: The Snow White of all Mirrors

In our quest for happiness, the first step is to uncover that which is keeping us unhappy, to unveil the blockages that prevent the metamorphosis of our dreams into existence.

Our external environment is our greatest teacher; the whole world is our school. If we look closely we can find answers outside as to what is going on inside, reflecting the suppressed emotions that are inhibiting us from living a life we love.

If our world is a mirror, than India is the Snow White of all mirrors. The land of contrast, sensory overload, spirituality, and rapid transformation.

The land of extremes, either you love it or you hate it.

Either you are ready to dig deep within yourself and face your shadows, either you are ready to use your ego as a punching bag, or you in remain in hibernation behind the confines of your mask.

We travel to reveal the parts of our reality buried deep under the comfort blanket of the mundane. We travel to be able to look in a mirror and stare at ourselves straight in the eye and say “hello, I know you.”

If you are ready to look in the mirror, India is the clearest and most magical mirror of them all.