Let go of the plan: Part 5 of the 10 part series on how to love yourself

I came on this soul journey through Asia for many reasons: self love being at the core of it all.

Along the way my ego kept popping up, saying I wasn’t sticking to the plan. Pushing away my main intention, piling on these rules of how I “should” be spending my time: “You should do a community service project, you should be meditating more, you should be writing from the heart, blah blah blah. All these shoulds getting in the way of the present, clouding my fulfillment for all the incredible things I was achieving.

Yesterday while on the van from one side of the Philippine island to the other, it hit me: We have this master plan crafted in our minds and when it doesn’t appear in reality our ego gets triggered, piling on all those nasty “shoulds.”

When we get what we want in life, fantastic. Our plan has been achieved and we feel on fire. Our physical world reflects our expectations and we feel safe, understood, and in flow.

When our plan doesn’t go accordingly, our immediate reaction is often some spectrum of resistance: disappointment, pity, blame etc. Our physical world isn’t reflecting our expectations, causing us to conclude that something is wrong, with either ourselves, with the world, with it all.

What if this were not the case? What if the plan built by our conscious mind not going as planned means that our unconscious has something even better in store, that something more powerful than our conscious mind could possibly create has stepped in and is driving the car?

There is no such thing as not getting what we want. When we craft a plan in our minds, our reality unfolds in one of three ways:

1. Yes.

2. Yes, but later

3. No, something better is coming.

When things go according to our plan, great. When they don’t even better!

When we trust the timeline of our lives, when we surrender, when we let go of the plan, the true plan has room to unfold.