No risk, no reward

About 9 months ago I took a personal development course that changed everything for me. It was all about moving our fears out of the way and taking risks toward creating a life we love. At the time I was at a corporate job, with thoughts of India and creating my own business just a dream I had had in my mind, too afraid to answer its call.

The last day of the course my coach asked, “Maggie, what is your big risk going to be? I instinctively said “I am going to book my flight to India.” That was the moment I realized fears are not real, that was the moment my dreams became worth creating. The very next day I booked my flight and told my corporate job I would be leaving a few months later.

Now I am in India, full of appreciation for myself that I took this risk, overflowing with gratitude that I finally realized I am worth living a life I love.

What is your big risk going to be?

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