“One man’s food is another man’s poison”

Would you love to be healthier and happier in the New Year? Here is one question to start asking yourself: am I eating out of love or fill a void?

Every human body reacts differently to food while one thing remains similar: our relationship to it. Most of us eat for one of two reasons: either when we are not feeling full from what we truly want in life or we eat to nourish our bodies in a loving way.

When we eat to fill an emotional void, we are eating to fill ourselves up. We use food as a band-aid when what we really want is love. When we feel as though we are not getting the love we need or want in that moment, we seek externally to the easiest outlet possible: food. When that doesn’t cut it, then we may move to alcohol, drugs or sex.

The other scenario is eating out of love. We love ourselves, the world, and our bodies and we relate to food as fuel to continue throughout our day. When we eat from this place, food is not used as an emotional fix, rather as a gift from Mother Nature to nourish our mind, body and soul.

Here is an easy way to start being aware of the intention behind your eating:
1. When feeling like you want to eat first ask yourself, am I eating out of love or fill a void? 
2. If you find that it is to fill a void then ask “where am I not feeling loved?” By a romantic partner (or lack there of), a friend, boss, roommate, the universe? 
3. Once you have determined where you are feeling this lack of love, give it to yourself! Remember, it is NEVER about the other person. They are just the mirror for you to see where you are not loving yourself. It’s time for some self-love by doing something you love to do: going on a run, doing yoga, dancing in your underwear, meditating, calling a best friend etc.

Happy eating my friends!