Confession Is Good For The Soul
Erick Erickson

I see all the Hillary-hate on Twitter and the white supremacist/alt-right posts and it is 24/7 hate, but many of the accusations are knee-jerk and based in fiction. Meanwhile, it really is interesting to me that any Christian would consider voting for someone whose life story seems to embrace so little Christian ethic and whose goal appears to govern by favoring some groups and demonizing others. This is so contrary to what Jesus taught — including his parable about the Good Samaritan.

I just don’t get where any of Trumps proposals fit with Jesus or the Bible or any of it. I’ve seen bits and pieces of Trump’s events and, to me they are odious. “You are all part of my group and we’ll make sure all those who don’t look exactly like us will be sent out of the garden.” He creates a great sense of victimization among a party I thought was based on individual responsibility. Now Ted Cruz, after all that Trump has said, decides to support the man. Is there a backbone in the GOP House or Senate?

Doesn’t this feel like the story when two women were fighting over a baby and Solomon decided to tell them he would cut the baby in half? The woman who was not the mother said go ahead and the real mother said no. In this case, many Christians, Republicans, and Conservatives are doing their best to hold their noses and vote for someone they, in their hearts, cannot trust, don’t believe in, and, if truth were told, are afraid of. They are willing to have our country torn in half because the half that will lose is brown and black. It is impossible that Congress could protect us from him. I believe it is critical that we agree to be Americans first and everything else after that when it comes to our country.

What is the worst Hillary could do? Clinton is more pro-life after birth than any pro-lifer I’ve met. She has gone out of her way to provide care for children, to ensure that first responders get what they need, and was, immediately prior to this election season, one of the most respected women in the world. You will have a government that you recognize. You can talk about the constitution. We can make progress on civil rights, jobs, and all the “love thy neighbor” ethics that we believe in. Murder is unChristian — we can talk about unnecesary death in America and maybe, if we can stop hating each other so much, be a leader in changing this trend. At least we won’t lose our standing completly in the world and we will be able to maintain the idea of America that everyone looks to for leadship.

If the worst thing you ever imagined in your life was voting for a Democrat, I feel your pain, but I would hope that, if the tables were turned, that I would do what I am suggesting you do. Make sure we don’t get Donald Trump. Elect Hillary and we’ll work together to make sure our country stays on track.

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