Different kinds of work?
Jonas Ellison

One of the things that attracted to Medium was your article ‘How one year of daily blogging changed my life’. I thought it was profound, appropriate and it spoke to me. That is, this was where I was/am. Just like you, I am married with two kids and a hubby that tries to make ends meet; and just like you, I had no idea of what to write (still don’t) and who my ‘target’ audience is (and still don’t). But your article gave me hope; forcing me to use it as a form of reference in terms of inspiration.

But what do I want? I want to keep coming to your site, reading and drawing from your articles. I’m not too troubled at this point with increasing my audience, and I’m not sure if ‘spiritual’ writing is my forte. But I am looking to improve my writing and I believe visiting this site such as this, will be of benefit.