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This is really thought provoking. The changes illustrated in your article highlights the changes or gentrification, happening everywhere. Where I was born in Tottenham, North London is also experiencing exactly the same, and I believe it is with the intention of making the area ‘habitable’ for a certain class of people.

I remember when the film director Spike Lee mentioned an incident regarding a white family who moved into a house next to his fathers’. The father, being a jazz performer would regularly have his mates around and they would play. The new neighbours did not waste anytime in calling the police to complain of noise!

In the street of my parents house where I stay each time I visit, something similar to Mr. Lee’s experience happened. Two white women, each with their families recently moved into the street. It’s not that the street does not have white women — it does, but these particular guys really stood out. Well groomed and dressed, regularly out for walks and pushing their expensive baby buggies and behaving as if they are never troubled by high inflation or unemployment. They also enunciate their vowels in voices which normally, would not be found in this part of the world. They strive to be friendly and are keen to show they don’t have any issues — with anyone.

Meanwhile two black women, Claudette and Joan, who also live on the street (both are single parents and live two houses away from each other) have always been known for their spectacular arguments. Normally Claudette is shouting from an opened window and Joan is standing outside Claudette’s front gate, shouting back. It normally lasts for a short while and then it’s over. But recently, the police arrived and continued to arrive as every time the women had one of their showdowns, the police would suddenly be there. This continued until one of the women were arrested.

Residents made it known to the police that these women were harmless but the police gave a diplomatic smile, and went their way still taking one of the women. It raises the question as to who made the call to the police because we know, we would not have done this but we all have an idea who did.

It is too simplistic to say that gentrification is somehow evolving organically, but I do believe that structures have been placed to entice these people. Change is happening and gentrification is real and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.