JavaScript? What are you? — wwwtf Impressions

A few months ago I applied for the scholarship ticket for the JSConf in Berlin. I was so happy when I got the Email with the Subject: “JSConf EU / CSSconf EU / Reject.js Scholarship Programme: You are going to Berlin!”. I was screaming like a little child because I wanted to attend so badly. The organizers sent some followup Mails to clarify the travel and told me where I would sleep. A collegue of mine gave me a ticket for the RejectJS (*waves at Daniel Hölzgen from my company 9elements*) too and I was happy to go to both conferences.

The day came when I travelled to Berlin via ICE. After about 4 hours I arrived at the Berlin Mainstation and was really excited. In the Hotel I met my Roommate for the next 4 days, she came from Philadelphia — USA. It was kinda like a school trip. I was excited and it was really really fun.

The first conference day: The RejectJS starts and I was extremely impressed. I’ve never seen such diverse group of attendees in any event. The atmosphere was welcoming and everyone talked to each other, no one was standing alone in a corner if he/she/they wouldn’t like to. A really good idea, I think, was the lanyards. Before you entered the event, you could choose between a black lanyard (“Yes, you can make photos of me”) or a red lanyard (“Please ask me at first, if I would like to be photographed”). The talks were great. It was a mix of serious topics and some funny topics like “Ukulele Hero” by Lisa Passing. The Party after the event was great. Yes, Nerds/Geeks/IT-Specialist know how to party hard! I was in my hotel room at 3 o’clock.

The second conference day (JSConf EU): The first thing I thought was: Okay, here you can see, we are in Germany, everyone is waiting in line :D

I got the same feeling like at the RejectJS. A welcoming atmosphere and a diverse attendee group. The opening started and I was like: WHAT….THE…..HELL! For this 10 Minutes, goosebumps were my best friends. The Song was a catchytune from hell. JavaScript? JavaScript! JavaScript….. WHAT ARE YOU? (everytime someone says JavaScript pronounced in an english way, I have to think about this song… Thanks for that! :D) I am sorry about the fact that I couldn’t attend every talk, because it was a two-track-conference, but the talks I saw where really great. It was also a nice mix of JavaScript and talks about how to teach people (like “What I learned from teaching programming to 150 beginners” by Etiene da Cruz Dalcol, or Lewis Cowper’s talk about his way from a forklift driver to a webdev in 9 months).

In a break I was talking to the folks from Thinktecture. We were talking about some work-related stuff, but they asked me, if I attended the CSSConf too. I didn’t get a ticket for that and I told them so (don’t get me wrong, I was happy about the tickets and the opportunity to attend to JSConf and RejectJS). When I was in my hotel room to get ready for the party, they tweeted me that they have got a ticket for the CSSConf for me and if I would like to have one. I was like: “HELL YEAH!” I’m really thankful for this opportunity too. Thank you guys, once more a lot of hugs to you ❤ (I was grinning the whole party).

The party was not only the JSConf party, it was also a birthdayparty for a very good friend of mine, Ola Gasidlo. She is one of the folks who pushed me into tech in a nice way. She is a person who teaches others how to code and inspires people to do that. Thank you for that, Ola!

The party was amazing. We had a lot of fun and we were partying hard until 5am in the morning.

Conference Day 3 — CSSConf: Aftermath… I was exhausted because of the conferences the days before (and the parties of course), but I regret nothing! I was able to get up in the morning and go to the opening. I love CSS and I loved every talk I’ve seen. I’ve never gotten in touch with flexbox before this conference, now I would like to do everything with flexbox (shame on you Internet Explorer!)! The last talk on this day was: fun.css with Tim Holman. I’ve never thought about trolling people with CSS. But now: Don’t mess with me, I know how to troll you with CSS! :D

I enjoyed the conference as well. It was like RejectJS and JSConf, everyone was nice to each other. The party after the event was nice too (they made animal visuals with CSS, how cool is that?), but this day ended for me at 2am :)

Conference Day 4 — JSConf Part 2: This day started a little bit later. But I was like: “Ouchy, my head!”. But I was enthusiastic and I wanted to see the talks. I loved the talk by: Lieke Boon — Unconscious Bias: we’re all guilty. It touched me deeply and in every point I was kinda like: “Yeah, thats right!”

First I wanted to head back home on sunday. I was kinda sad to think about this event ending so fast. But nah, I stayed until monday, and it was a good descision. I talked to a lot of great folks at this conference. Interesting folks who don’t say: “Go away, you’re not a techie”. Everyone I asked to explain some things I didn’t understand were totally okay with it. In my opinion most of them enjoyed the fact that some non-JavaScript-Rockstar-Ninjas were attending too and asked questions they didn’t hear for a long time.

Conclusion: In these four days I met interesting, lovely and intelligent folks. The community is really really great, including and heartwarming. In ten years I will think about this event with a big smile on my face. At this point I would like to say: Thanks to the folks who made it possible for me to attend these conferences! Especially I would like to say thanks to the JSConf Team which made it all possible for me. To all attendees: It was nice to meet you!