The tangled web of lies. Democracy in free fall.

This is a bloody long read. The article link below ties in with a lot of other articles out there about Trump, Farage, big money, our social networking and how that data is being used to manipulate voters.



“Sam Woolley of the Oxford Internet Institute’s computational propaganda institute tells me that one third of all traffic on Twitter before the EU referendum was automated “bots” — accounts that are programmed to look like people, to act like people, and to change the conversation, to make topics trend. And they were all for Leave. Before the US election, they were five-to-one in favour of Trump — many of them Russian. Last week they have been in action in the Stoke byelection — Russian bots, organised by who? — attacking Paul Nuttall.”

The left (and all of your moderate lefties are included here) will struggle against this right wing political machine. We for a start, don’t have a machine and Labour is more concerned with old school campaigning. Whilst we are concerned with knocking doors, the right wing is more concerned with your facebook feed, appearing on your search results, getting right inside your comfort zones before Labour has even knocked on your door.

Why has this happened? For a start, we don’t tend to go for the jugular. Whilst the right fabricated truth about Miliband’s deceased father, we kinda sat on the fact Cameron left his kids in a pub, that Farage has milked the E.U like a gravy train. Whilst Labour replay Nuttall’s old NHS footage and secured Stoke, our lack of resources meant that Copeland was lost. Now after a few months of solid coverage from the streets of Stoke, we’re told Copeland was where it was at, we’re told the leader of UKIP didn’t matter despite being advised that yesterday, if UKIP won, Corbyn is gone. This may sound as if the media being beamed into our houses is not objective but the truth is that there is an objective here, to completely undermine the mere idea that there is an alternative political path for us.

We just don’t gain the same kind of traction the right wing gain when they share stories. Is it because we lack the Russian twitter robots. Maybe. When a 1/3 of Twitter traffic is calling for leave and that same 1/3 is a bunch of robots, the left and the “moderates” haven’t a single hope in hell.

Our press is predominately lead by the right wing bias at the moment. Nick Robinson, a long standing Conservative and a political editor of the BBC called out the BBC for giving into bias with it’s anti-Corbyn coverage.

Humans are incredibly smart yet easily misled by false information. Convincing smart people they’ve been tricked is a painful task that takes time. What we have now are millions of people (yourself included) being sold off down the river to the sound of rapturous applause but here is the catch, Trump did not win the popular vote, the Tories only secured 24% of the registered electorate’s vote in 2015, the Leave campaign won but 2.8m people did not vote. (Leave was 17m to Remains 16m, the margin wasn’t narrow but the percentages, if we’re honest, are not landslides. 52 to 48 is woeful and the end result is what? We don’t know.)

The right wing are not really leading the charge. 
They have not taken back control.
They are a minority but they vote.

The right wing tell their people to vote for them to take control. Where have we taken back control? Our council taxes look set to rise to cover social care costs, our energy bills don’t feel cheaper, our disposable income doesn’t appear to be growing so again I must ask you, dear reader, where have we taken back control?

Our NHS is crumbling, our schools are now privatised academies being underfunded and our roads are just potholes with cars dancing on the edges. Where have we taken back control?

It’s not at the border, Daniel Hannan the Conservative MEP said leaving was never about lowering immigration (short video from Twitter). The NHS isn’t getting £350m extra a week, Farage blew that claim out of the water the same day we voted to Leave and the Leave campaigners have been wriggling out of that promise ever since. So again, I must ask, where did we take back control?

The only people taking back control are the wealthy. They are reshaping democracy. They have set their sights upon us and through the social networks that can reach out and “inform” us of what we need to do.

We are heading down a dangerous road that goes beyond our Government. Truth is being created out of thin air by wealthy men that seek to recreate our western democracy into their own image.

I doubt the Government will do much to stop this “BIG DATA” as our leaders would have to admit what personal information they are guilty of storing, or at the very least Mercer’s media foundation would highlight just how much the Government is storing. Parts of our Government have worked alongside the likes of Mercer, it is unlikely they would fight against a perceived supporter :/

It might be time that we turn off the social networks and speak with real people, in person. Or for those of us that find social engagements a painful experience, we could learn to speak a few new computer languages and throw our own hat into this ring and become a more powerful opposition.