Magic Cube July Bi-Weekly Update

Magic Cube
Jul 24, 2019 · 5 min read

Over the past two weeks, Magic Cube has made great progress through events, business development, and technological improvements, and we would like to share this with all of our valued community members.

Activity Progress

Magic Cube Hosts Multiple MCC Airdrop Activities

Earlier this month, Magic Cube hosted several major airdropping campaigns that resulted in us giving away thousands of tokens to our community members in China, all in an effort to encourage more users to interact with the MC platform.

Users who forwarded one of the event posters via text message to their circle of friends received a code that they could then send to Magic Cube’s customer service representatives and would subsequently receive a total of 88 MCC per code.

In the two days that we ran the competition, we received a total of more than 6,000 participants. Despite this, we did discover that there were multiple participants who entered the airdrop multiple times using the same wallet address; after we removed these participants, we were left with a total of 4,600 confirmed participants, and we airdropped a total of 406,560 MCC tokens.

After this event, we will begin implementing new mechanisms that will help us to prohibit users from entering our airdrop activities multiple times in an effort to ensure fairness to all our legitimate participants.

You Buy, We Pay the Bill

From July 10th to 11th, we hosted a fun giveaway event in order to celebrate the official launch of the MC Mall, which is the first online shop that allows users to make purchases using MCC.

This event, which we called “You Buy, We Pay the Bill,” required that users invite two people to join the community, and send a screenshot of the “online mall” to their circle of friends with the words “I want XXX to be paid for by MCC.” After doing this, users were then required to contact customer service to receive a code, and five lucky participants were randomly selected to have us pay for whichever items they desired.

In total, we had just under 2,000 confirmed participants who took place in the event, and ultimately had five lucky winners who had their shopping carts paid for by us.

Updated White Paper Comment Competition

For our rapidly growing English community, we hosted a comment competition in an effort to encourage our community members to read our white paper.

For the competition, we required that users read through our newly updated white paper, leave a comment on our Twitter post discussing one aspect of the white paper that they found interesting or exciting, and to like/retweet the post.

Ultimately, our post had a total of 4,728 unique impressions, 336 engagements, and a total of 17 confirmed participants. The first-place winner won a total of 15,000 MCC, while the second-place winner won a total of 5,000 MCC.

For more information about how this competition worked, we outlined all the rules in this Medium post:

Additionally, we also received some press attention from this event, with NEO News Today publishing an article about the event and about the newest changes to our white paper.

Business Progress

Magic Cube Launches on Coinsuper Exchange

Magic Cube and popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinsuper jointly launched a special subscription event on June 29th, and officially opened MCC for public trading on the exchange on July 1st at 5pm. The real-time MCC market price at the time of launch was 1 MCC = $0.005 USD, and the price of MCC for early-subscribers was $0.0035. According to Coinsuper’s data, users subscribed for tens of millions of MCC tokens.

Rudy Was Invited to Participate in the NEO NEXT Online Class Where He Discussed the Magic Cube Project

On the evening of July 9th, the founder and CEO of Magic Cube, Rudy Rong, was invited by the NEO NEXT online class to explain the MC project, as well as how a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem develops and grows.

During that online session, there was a total of 1,359 viewers, many of which actively participated in the session, asking Rudy questions regarding his views on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and gaming.

After the broadcast concluded the Magic Cube Chinese community received 189 new members!

MCC Gets Listed on CoinMarketCap for Advanced Pricing Data!

One of the highlights of the past two weeks was the revelation that CoinMarketCap listed MCC on their platform, which will allow investors to access advanced pricing data for the token.

This listing came as a surprise to us as it happened less than one week after we submitted our detailed application, which is incredibly quick while considering the massive amount of listing requests they receive on a daily basis.

Magic Cube Staking Partners Meet in Beijing

On July 18th, we hosted a private banquet for all of our Chinese staking partners at the East Oriental Wine Cellar in Shengshi Longyuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

All of our MCC staking partners in the region were invited, as well as some media friends, industry influencers, and other important members of the Magic Cube ecosystem.

After conversing over a great meal paired with some wonderful wines, we held some serious discussions about the current state of our project, where we are heading next, and gave out some MC branded merchandise to all of the participants.

Technological Progress

MCC Staking Partnership Link Officially Launched

Another huge accomplishment so far this month was the official launch of our staking partnership sign-up link, which allows users to sign up to stake MCC tokens and to play a large role in the future growth of the MC ecosystem.

We will continue updating this link regularly in order to enhance user’s experience and to add more unique features. To view details about our newly developed staking partner plan, kindly navigate to the below link, create an account by entering your email address and a password, and browse through the information we have provided.

MCC Staking Partnership Link

Thank you so much to all of our committed community members. We are going to continue publishing regular updates so that you can stay in the loop with everything that is happening with our rapidly growing project.


The Magic Cube Team

Magic Cube

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