Why in the world do the experts pretend that it WASNT the corps and banks who sent humanity spiralling into a global totalitarian shitstorm ?

Absolutely everyone in mainstream media live in a self contained middle class bubble of indoctrinated one dimensional denial where to be seen giggling has become more important than the content of the relentless biased bullshit they spew HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH oh yes the giggling almost excuses them from being such infantilisng embarrassing corporate police state paedogogoy that still defines itself as a democracy even after bailing out Wall St after Snowden after Assange after Middle East and especially after electing Trump.

A totalitarian dystopia is not the first thing that pops into your head when the one dimensional supersmug squeaky clean bourgoise facade of the corrupt neoliberal corp crim class war nightmare start to smile and giggle profusely for no reason and read the over produced script most likely written by poisoned Murdoch minds & minions to ensure that absolutely everyone has absolutely no idea what is really happening in the doomed alienated broken world. created by those corporate idle sybarites that run and own the blizzard of nazi doom coming for us all.

Russia? HAHAHAHAH Any scapegoat will do! eh Rupert?