Magna Trans
Jan 5, 2017 · 2 min read

Magna: Coming through in the clutch

It was late in the workday on a Friday when a potential customer we had been contacting for months called us for help. They had a load out of Phoenix that had been given back to them at the last minute and the product needed to be on the shelves come Monday morning.

Being that it was the middle of produce season in Arizona and capacity was scarce, what they were asking was no small task. We told them we would handle it and get the job done without hesitation. Our devoted team then remained at work until the load was covered and secured.

Magna delivered that load the following Monday morning and by doing so proved to this potential new customer that we were trustworthy and reliable. Since then, the relationship with that customer has grown to the point where Magna now manages most of their company wide logistical needs. This includes handling all FTL shipments nationwide, determining inventory status with shipping managers to coordinate the most efficient transfer of product, setting all deliveries into grocery warehouses reducing accessorial charge backs to the customer, and creating the BOL’s that are used on each shipment.

Because Magna was able to demonstrate it’s ability to function as a full service logistics provider, we have been able to help our customer grow exponentially and into the household name it is now. Trust us to get the job done and allow us to help you grow.