Magnr Interest Payments Have Been Paid

We are pleased to announce that the first interest payment has been made to Magnr savers. In total, over 200 clients have received their first payment at 2.18% AER.

Clients that continue to save with Magnr will receive their next interest payment on 31st July 2015. Together we can help shape the future of finance.

Two factor authentication and a password reset option has also been implemented.

For those hearing about Magnr for the first time, the product is the first savings account for bitcoin. Initially the interest rate will be fixed at 2.18% per year for a promotional period of six months.

Magnr is the second product from, a popular bitcoin trading platform that has brokered over 60,000 trades. The company operates in London’s Tech City, directly by silicon roundabout.

The trading platform will be re-branding as Magnr. This is to highlight how the two products work together. The trading platform generates interest from traders, which is partly paid out as interest to savers.

To start earning interest on your Bitcoin holdings, click here and signup to Magnr.

Existing users can login with their existing account details.

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