Bounty program — MagnumLink

Freetown, Sierra Leone — All about referrals

Our bounty is very straight forward. Users get unique link on our web-site by registering and clicking the referral button in the investor’s box. Then you get bounty proportional to the unique people from an unique who click your link. You can share this link in your signature on forums, in posts on social media and on other places. Signup here

Two percent (2%) of the token distribution is reserved for our bounty participants. Users can register for the bounty on our website

The bounty rewards will be distributed like this:

Each interested bounty participant would get a CUSTOMIZED bounty proposal to make sure everyone is rewarded according to their contribution. This is one of the rare bounties where you can benefit greatly if you just invite your friends and colleagues.

Become a proud member of the international MagnumLink Team

We need translation and management of forum threads in the following languages: Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Turkish, German, French and Spanish (enough). After your application is accepted you would get detailed instructions and materials how to benefit the most from this opportunity when you become a member of the ML team. Twenty 20% of total Bounty Pool will be Paid to Translators and Moderators/Management.

To Reserve a Language users must join Telegram and PM the admins at @preciousico

The English Telegram Group will be managed by us.

Users get one stake for each 30 real people who have experience with blockchain and want to get our email, skype, telegram template delivered to them. It must not be spam! This is reserved for up to 50 participants with a maximum of 270 people per person they can send invitational email to. This means a person can have a maximum of 7 stakes with a total of 350 stakes.

If users have a cool web site or a blog 10% of the bounty is reserved for their creativity to write about MagnumLink or share a post we have already prepared for them. We would make custom stake offer depending on how much value users can bring to the table.

We have special 20% of the bounty reserved for people who have contributed immensely to the blockchain community and society in general and wanted to support MagnumLink with networking or advice.

Contact us at

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