Pre-sale TBA | Private placement in progress

Sierra Leone- 26.10.2017. — pre-sale ANN

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MagnumLink Ltd. is a blockchain company that currently holds a valid license for mines that have diamonds, gold and probably other precious minerals in Sierra Leone. Its goal is to exploit these natural resources and the precious minerals it will extract and buy from certified sellers to store in a safe third-party deposits. For every gram of precious metals and every 0.01 of a carat of a diamond, MagnumLink will issue digital tokens. Each precious mineral will have its precious token such as MLG for gold, MLD for diamonds, MLS for silver and so forth. These tokens can be freely traded on blockchain exchanges or exchanged for their underlying value.

To move the project forward, MagnumLink will be seeking investment from the traditional and the blockchain investment community. At the pre-sale that is expected to start soon, MagnumLink is offering at least 15% bonus to everyone who invests early. This bonus will decrease as time passes and increase with bigger investments. Currently there is a closed pre-sale ongoing and you can contact MagnumLink at the email for more information.

Konstantyn Buialo, a co-founder, said the following “The tokens we are going to issue during the ICO are called MLTs and offer investors 50% of the profits we will generate with three relatively stable streams: mining of precious minerals in our mines, refining precious minerals in our refinery and fees stemming from the exchange platform for the tokens. We decided to share 50% of profits which is more than the market’s standards because we believe the more empowered are our investors, the greater our network effect will be.”

MangumLink has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in preparation for this ICO and not only did it cover the purchasing of mine licenses in Sierra Leone along with initial exploration, but it also develops a cutting-edge technological solution that will be ready soon after the ICO.

Iurii Borysenko, co-founder, about the type of quality minerals they expect to purchase says the following “In my decades’ long career as a precious gems and metals expert, I always worked with certified high-quality sellers. Our deposits of precious minerals that will back our tokens would be of highest quality and holders of those tokens would always have solid support levels. The price of these tokens would be difficult to fall bellow the price of the precious minerals they are backed with. We offer an opportunity for long-term investors to have a haven while we enable short-term traders ability to trade more efficiently”.

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