How to manage your Trezor wallet using Magnum?

A brief tutorial for Trezor users covering how to start using Trezor with the Magnum Wallet.

Trezor devices are some of the most popular hardware wallets on the market that offer ultimate security in storing crypto assets. With a handy screen and a wide range of features, Trezor wallets ensure that you retain all the essential functionality with a new layer of protection.

Magnum Wallet provides you with an intuitive interface to manage and exchange BTC, ETH, XRP, and many other coins and tokens. To help you stay on top of your assets, we also have a watch-only mode and a Telegram Notifier bot, which will alert you about all transaction activity in your wallet.

Login Page

If you have never used Magnum before, you can import your public keys or link your Trezor device directly on the main page of the app by clicking on Import or Restore. You will have to select the cryptocurrency, pick Link Hardware wallet as your input method and choose your Trezor device in the dropdown list. You can also set your own derivation path in the “More Options” menu, or otherwise, pick the wallet for import in Trezor Connect.

Do not forget to set a strong password, which will help you manage your other non-Trezor wallet accounts. We do not collect any user data and cannot recover lost passwords or backup files. You will be asked to provide the password each time you enter the app.

Magnum Dashboard

Once in the app’s Dashboard, you can create a new wallet with Trezor in the Add wallet tab, following the same procedure as described above. If needed, you are also welcome to set your derivation path.

Importing another wallet is done in the same manner, except that you will once again have to provide your password, which will be used to create your backup file.

Wallets Tab

Moreover, the Add wallet button is also present on the Wallets page of the app. Do not forget that you can exchange your coins on Trezor with Magnum’s built-in exchange tools, as well as enjoy our passive income features, such as delegation or staking.

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About us

Magnum Wallet is a light non-custodial multicurrency wallet that combines cutting-edge technology with a focus on privacy and security. If you have any issues or questions regarding the wallet’s features, do not hesitate to contact us on our Telegram group @magnumwalletco or by email

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