Breaking the “Should Designers Code” Deadlock
Fredrik Matheson

Thanks for writing this Fredrik, a very good read.

To the point about Unicorns. I use the same term, because if you ever spot a unicorn — once you try to approach it it always end up being just another horse. Good User Experiences is always designed by a team. The whole “should designers code” is based on the assumption of designer being a solitary role. I truly believe a good design team should have front-end development skills, and my observations support this, but that does not mean that coding should be a prerequisite for being a good designer.

Also, the term “UX Designer” is in my mind one of the perpetrators of the “single designer” myth. User Experience is an outcome, the process to achieve that outcome is Design. So, I prefer the term Designer or Digital Designer. Furniture Designers doing chairs don’t call themselves Posture Experience Designer do they?

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