5 Stunning Bvlgari Watches That Stylish Grooms Need

While weddings are mostly all about the bride, let’s not forget that there is another person involved in the occasion too, without whom there would be no wedding.

By this, I mean to infer that the groom and his wedding-related concerns are important too. Few would disagree if I said that picking the groom’s attire is the easy part of the wedding preparations. What can get tricky is choosing the right accessories, particularly the timepiece. And that’s why we’re here to help.

This one’s a black beauty, a 42mm chronograph watch that also tells you the date. This two-toned wonder has a round case shape and comes with a black dial and matching rubber straps. The elegant minutes and seconds hands and hour marks are shielded under a sapphire crystal cover.

What better way to remember your big day than by sporting a spectacular two-toned timepiece that will get you to your wedding venue on time! One look at it and your bride is sure to acknowledge the fact that you have great taste, indeed!


You know you’re wearing the right watch when it helps you stand out every time you wear it. This model will do just that!
With its steel-and-gold case, it will project you as the embodiment of sophistication and style. The case shape is round and boasts of a 41-mm diameter. The dial colour is white with gold hour marks and hands. All of this duly protected under a sapphire crystal glass cover.

Add this automatic watch to your collection today and show it off on D-day. After all, a watch is an accessory that will stay with you forever!
For would-be grooms looking to set a trend, this piece is all you need! With a 38mm case size, you can be sure that all eyes are going to be on you as you say you’re I dos.

This time teller also tells you the date and comes with automatic movement. Its ultra-modern and masculine looks are further highlighted with its stainless-steel case, which is round in shape. The straps are two-toned, i.e. steel and gold, and the dial colour is silver. Covered under sapphire crystal, you can be sure that no irresponsible scratches damage the dial, and you can focus on your special event.

With its bold and masculine design, you’re sure to make your bride fall for you all over again. Don’t be surprised if your guests are left speechless too!
So, you’re not very keen metal straps? No problem, for this piece comes with sturdy leather straps that only accentuate its 39mm golden case. Leather straps are considered timeless and this is just the piece you want to be wearing on every special occasion.

Why not start with your wedding?
Another great watch that tells the date, this one’s a must-have in your collection. With its rustic charm, this watch is sure to look great on any man’s wrist. It comes with a pristine white dial and its case is round in shape.

For those with a taste for the bold and the beautiful, this piece may be just what you’ve been looking for. With its bold 41mm case, you’ve got yourself a winner.

And that’s not all. The case comes in gold-and-steel case and matching straps, and is round in shape. The black dial provides the perfect contrast to the dual-toned case.

Put this piece on and you will know exactly how it feels to look royal!

The wedding day is special to the groom too and, therefore, it only makes sense that he also stands out in the crowd. Wearing a statement timepiece is a great way to do so. After all, a watch is probably the only accessory a groom will wear in addition to his wedding band and, perhaps, a pair of cufflinks. Sporting a great-looking watch will not only grab attention, it will also depict the groom as a man with impeccable personal taste, which reflects well on his bride. And which groom wouldn’t want to be in such a situation? Don’t wait, don’t think; get yourself one of the above watches today!

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