Our team at iOS mobile app development company Magora has released a new project for golf players, which will help them to improve their game.

Magora’s New iOS App for Golfers

Magora is an international iOS application development company with over five years of experience in IT outsourcing. Our elite staff are experienced iPhone developers. They are constantly creating unique solutions for businesses in every field. For example, sports. Not too long ago, a pair of famous golf coaches came to Magora and asked that we help them. They needed to build an iOS app with educational functionality that would serves as video exercises for golf enthusiasts.

Developing an iOS app is a second nature to our experts, as they have already completed more than 500 projects of varying complexity. Even though it was well within their abilities, our team determined to make Core Power Golf something special.

The American golfers who sought our assistance wanted to have a mobile app that would be their new learning tool for everybody who wants play the great game. To achieve this, Magora’s developers designed and constructed a simple, but powerful iOS app where professional coaches can publish video lessons.

Why was it simple?

Because our team knew exactly how to tackle the iOS app development from the start. Core Power Golf was established through a standard MVC deployment process. It applies the waterfall methodology and ASP.NET. Our team of four expert put in a collective 1122 hours working on it.

How does it work?

Magora’s designers recommend that golf-loving users set up this new iOS app if they want to have their own personal trainer in their phones. Our customers in the US provide “students” with lots of educational golf videos from famous coaches.

Video content is divided into several categories and sections. Users can choose physical training, strength and flexibility exercises and golf error correction, of course. All coaches are professional long drivers. They will publish workouts, golf tips and correction advice weekly for each section. The categories include:

  • Videos of Long Drive Shows
  • Trick Shot Demonstrations
  • Hook & Slice
  • And other golf hits!

Functionality to Choose From

As an iOS app development company in the UK, Magora has always worked in partnership with our customers to create apps that help them achieve success. Core Power Golf will reach its target audience. Golfers will improve their games, watching workouts in the gym and or on the fairway. They will be able to avoid common errors in their strokes and choose different styles of coaching and drills from trainers across the nation. On top of all that, they’ll have the opportunity to buy the necessary golf equipment from the CPG online shop.

At the client’s request, Magora’s developers have made the app free for download, with a pay-for-access version with a wealth of additional video content. Warm-ups and access to the shop is available to free users, which other features are reserved for premium users. This iOS app for golfers is a perfect educational tool for anyone who loves this game. You can learn more about this app by visiting Magora’s site.

Magora, one of the UK’s premier iOS application development companies, specializes in creating full scale solutions for our clients and our aim is to meet their evolving business needs. We are ready to take on the full scope of work from planning, to designing, developing and implementing.