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4 min readJul 26


In the world of DeFi, the community is just as important as the project itself. A strong and engaged community can be the driving force behind the success of any project, just take a look at the Apes, PEPE fans, or LINK marines.

At Magpie, we understand the crucial role our community plays in shaping the future of our project, so we’re going to talk a bit about how you can join and get involved.

The Heart of DeFi

At Magpie Protocol, we firmly believe that community is the twigs and thatch of any DeFi project, they need to be strong for a quality nest. Magpie’s community members bring diverse perspectives, ideas, suggestions, and expertise that help us drive us to improve and ensure the project’s long-term success. We value our community and recognize the need to foster an exciting environment where everyone feels welcome to contribute and participate.

These are many of the reasons we have chosen to launch our largest community campaign ever: The Magpie Mafia (which you can read about here).

Our brand new Magpie Mafia campaign is an exciting initiative that encourages community members to explore different DeFi ecosystems through the Magpie dApp and climb the ranks of the Magpie Mafia. This campaign offers a way to earn experience points which unlock new ranks in the Magpie Mafia for rewards and an evolving Magpie NFT avatar that can be upgraded with different backgrounds, outfits, weapons, and more!

By joining the campaign, community members gain a deeper understanding of Magpie, how it works, and are able to share that with others and connect with like-minded birds in our Discord and Telegram.

We incentivize and reward our community members for their engagement, knowledge sharing, and contributions to the project. By actively involving our community, we feel that we’ll end up with a better protocol by empowering individuals to help our project grow and make a meaningful impact.

Help shape Magpie’s future

We believe in the power of the community, and invite you all to join us in shaping the future of our project. Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Start by joining our communities on Discord & Telegram. These channels are so our community members can ask questions, get assistance, chat with flock and team members, and connect with everyone.

2. Follow Magpie Protocol on Twitter (now called “X”)

If you believe in Magpie and how we can help DeFi, be sure to like and retweet some of our content that speaks to you so that those who follow you can see what we offer and how we’re pushing forward multichain DeFi. A strong community is the best way to grow a project, and word of mouth is the best way to do that, so the more people that see what we do, the better.

3. Join the Magpie Mafia, and invite your friends!

Magpie is the best way to swap cross-chain, and it’s competitive, if not better, than most other on-chain swapping solutions as well. What better way to show this off by inviting your friends to join the Magpie Mafia with you so that you can compete to earn xp and climb the ranks of the organization. It’s a win-win-win scenario! You win as you get the best deals on assets for swapping; your friend wins as they are introduced to the best way to cross-chain swap; and you both are able to earn xp to unlock rewards and ranks in the Magpie Mafia; and Magpie wins as we get to grow our amazing community.

4. Participate in Community Events!

Come and say hello when we host our next AMA (Ask Me Anything) or Twitter space (Wait, How should we call it after the blue bird is gone? “X Space”?). These events provide opportunities to chat with Magpie Protocol’s team members. You’re free to share your thoughts, ideas, feedback, and help contribute to the ongoing success of Magpie.

Building a strong flock is at the core of any DeFi project, especially ours. By actively involving our community through initiatives like the Magpie Mafia campaign, as well as events and campaigns to come, we aim to empower individuals to help grow and shape Magpie to be the best project we can be.

Join us, participate, and contribute your feedback and ideas to help us create a more innovative and prosperous DeFi ecosystem.

For more news and updates about Magpie, join our Discord, Twitter, and Telegram.



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