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Saving your cash flow

One of the most annoying problems with trades in DeFi are MEV, or sandwich, attacks. These are caused when slippage is set too high and a bot can place a large buy directly before your purchase by using more gas to prioritize their transaction, and selling immediately after. This generally results in the creator of the bot profiting a bit and the user buying the asset at 5–10% higher price than planned.

Hungry for a deal? Don’t fall for the sandwich attack

Slippage is an important aspect of every single trade on an AMM, and it has its positives and negatives, but what is it? It’s essentially the difference between the expected price of the trade and the actual price it ends up at when it goes through. Now, if the price impact percentage of a swap or the change in price of the asset is higher than your slippage, the transaction will not complete, costing you a bit of money in failed transaction fees. Succumbing to the hunger and setting slippage too high just invites the sandwich trader to attack your transaction.

Hashflow is a project that directly tackles these issues (and more!) and is a decentralized exchange designed around providing users MEV (sandwich)-protected trades at zero slippage, as well as facilitating users going cross-chain. What this means is that the price you see is exactly what you’re going to get!

So how is that done?

They don’t rely on AMMs, but rather use a request-for-quote (RFQ) model in which professional market makers manage liquidity pools. Using this method, market makers can use more advanced pricing strategies compared to AMMs, factoring in off-chain data such as volatility, historic asset prices, and more, all backed by cryptographic signatures, which makes frontrunning impossible, as well as making certain that your trade is executed at the displayed price, rather than an estimate.

We here at Magpie are thrilled to announce that we’re integrating Hashflow directly into our already amazing order routing algorithm, so you get the best of both worlds!

Hungry? Don’t risk going for that sandwich, go with us and we’ll provide a nice big meal (and some savings)!

Using Magpie on top of Hashflow you can swap using ANY asset to ANY connected chain, while not being limited to stablecoins and major tokens. Additionally, when you swap, our aggregator will instantly calculate the best route possible to get you the best price, no matter what it takes!

Magpie and Hashflow are here to make DeFi a better, more efficient, more secure experience and we hope you all join us!

Can’t wait to get started? Join the waitlist today!

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Future of cross-chain exchange infrastructure. Chain-Agnostic & Non-custodial liquidity aggregation protocol.

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Magpie Protocol

Future of cross-chain exchange infrastructure. Chain-Agnostic & Non-custodial liquidity aggregation protocol.