Letter to ENG 214 students

Hello class of 20XX, and Michael Shannon’s future students.

If you are reading this, it’s the part of the class where he makes everyone read really good or really bad blog posts about our topic and letters to future students; hopefully this is part of the former.

Did you have a topic in mind that you always wanted to know more about but never got around to? What about the arguments for or against it and why and how it would appeal to people? Well you’re in luck, because you’ll finally be able to find out about that thing you wanted to know about without setting aside time to do so since you’ll be doing it all semester! Maybe you took this class because it was a requirement? Well that’s fine too, because Michael is a very fun teacher, and as long as you can make good points and back it up with substantive evidence in your blog posts you are probably going to pass the class. Since these are blog posts you don’t need to make a bibliography or works cited pages like other English courses require, don’t take that as a pass for not citing your work though as you’ll still need to cite your work in hyperlinks, quotes, ect. like usual, you just don’t need a formal section to list cited works.

If you aren’t really keen on getting invested and researching heavily on a topic you may or may not still be interested in weeks or months into the future, I highly recommend choosing a topic that you are already interested in and put a spin or twist on it that you may not have looked at before. You might know a lot of the background beforehand which is great since this will involve lots of background research so lightening the load will help you a lot. For example, I absolutely love video games but it would be a bit too broad a topic, I’ve seen some artsy games like Immortall, Gone Home, or Every Day the Same Dream before but never really cared too much about them because they’re not the classically “fun” games so I chose to dig deeper since I never really dabbled in them before. “Games as a medium for art” was my topic and it entertained me through the semester, put a twist on something you love and it will be rewarding.

Aside from the topic with the essays and blog posts you will do related to it, I highly recommend going to the classes as well as you will be judged on in class assignments. This is a Hybrid class, not a full online course, so I urge you to just go to every class, you should be anyway since you are paying for this content anyway. All of the in class assignments will be fun, or at least engaging since Michael gives topical examples and assignments. I hope you all do well in his class and have an enjoyable semester.


Ivan Yang

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