Thoughts on Google+
Chris Messina

Par For The Course

Google has successfully done search, email, and maps, but outside of this, hasn’t really accomplished much. All their ventures seem to lack conviction and/or a focus.

Google+ is one example of another half baked idea that will likely never get off the ground and actually accomplish something.

Whatever happened with Glass? It was supposed to be the next big thing in wearables. It’s completely disappeared from the landscape. What exactly is it used for? Nobody ever answered that question.

Yea, Android is great, unfortunately Google doesn’t make any money from it because it’s open source. They do have a commanding market share, I guess I’ll give them some credit here, although their payments system was again, half baked and although it’s been around longer than Apple pay, few people use it.

Google’s self driving cars are going nowhere fast. Mercedes looks to be the first major auto maker to bring these to the masses and they’ve developed their own self driving technology. Speed is the key here and Google has dropped the ball. If they don’t come out with something fast, the world will have passed them by. Once all the major auto makers come out with their own self driving technology, Google will left holding the bag.

Getting back to Android, Google was supposed to do great things with their acquisition of Motorola. But again, it turns out a half baked idea and instead of using their technology to make the next great Nexus phone, they sold it off. There’s talk of Google nixing plans for future Nexus phones, word has it they don’t want to do it anymore.

I look at Google’s other offerings with Chromebooks, their word processor, spreadsheet, etc. None of these offerings are particularly compelling. Chromebooks target the bottom end and aren’t all that profitable.

I look at Google and there’s a lot of things they do really well, but it’s alarming how many of these ideas just completely lack any focus or conviction. To me, it’s a huge red flag because it shows the company isn’t focused. I don’t think their profits are going to hurt anytime soon, but I think they could be doing so much more than they are.

By the way, I’m reading the responses to this article and there are so many comments regarding “Not Trusting Google” or a discussion about “Privacy”. You people are such neophytes. If you don’t want people knowing about you, get off the internet.

Every click you make is being tracked. Your information is being shared. And no, you aren’t anonymous. The second you get on the internet your ISP knows what website you are on. Amazon tracks, Google tracks, Microsoft tracks, Facebook tracks, Apple tracks, they all look at (and use) the data for marketing and sales purpose. There isn’t anyone that isn’t tracking you on the internet, get over it.

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