Japan Has a Cute Problem
Sophie Knight

Wow — So Wrong

The comments here say it all. I won’t make this comment too long because Sophie Knight’s poorly written article speaks for itself. Incidentally Japan is ranked 17th on the Gender Inequality index as of this writing: http://hdr.undp.org/en/content/table-4-gender-inequality-index

I have visited Japan, read about it, and I have not seen anything that indicates that what you wrote is true, at least in the big cities like Tokyo. There, the young women aren’t much different than young men. Going into any random store, restaurant, or coffee shop, I was just as likely to be served by a female as a male.

Men and women are waiting even longer to get married which means young women are single and independent until later in life. They have their own careers to support themselves and the notion of the woman being the housewife is quickly being blown up.