Explore the Indian Vividness with Maharajas’ Express

The following article talks about the luxurious itineraries provided by Maharajas’ Express and clearly specifies about the luxury which its guests enjoy.

With a strange fervor and anticipation we look forward to holidays and festive seasons because the season of holidays and festivals brings with itself vacations, journeys and lots of explorations. We at Maharajas’ Express aim to conjure memories through delightful explorations. Over the years, our family has extended exponentially and tourists from all parts of the world have enjoyed luxurious odysseys with the world’s leading luxury train.

Maharajas’ Express is an established name in royal train trips and as soon as you board this palatial train, you will feel the regality of Indian history. The train has been intricately designed and each cabin has a detailed artwork on the roof as well as walls that will give you the glimpses of the life of erstwhile Indian emperors or Maharajas. Our journeys can take you to the fascinating places of the country from where you can observe the culture and heritage of India in all its vividness, the architectural marvels and unravel the rich history.

There are mainly five Maharajas’ Express train routes which are as follows-

  • The Heritage of India
  • The Indian Splendor
  • Indian Panorama
  • Gems of India
  • Treasures of India

All these itineraries have been planned out meticulously and each one includes the magnificent state of Rajasthan where you can get a closer look at the royal lineage of India and get to know more about the history of Rajputana dynasty; all itineraries also take you to the monumental icon of love, Taj Mahal, an architectural marvel that was built under the reign of Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan in 1632 and was designed by Ustad Ahmad Lahouri. Our idea of vacation lies beyond simplistic sightseeing and we strive to acquaint our guests with our rich heritage and traditions.

Besides the alluring locations we also provide our tourists with easy starting points, guests can book themselves for luxury tours starting from Delhi or the fabled home of Bollywood, Mumbai. Our tours are mainly available in 8 days and 4 days duration and guests can choose from four different cabin configurations which are-

  • 20 Deluxe Cabins- 12 twin bedded and 8 double bedded
  • 18 Junior Suites- 12 twin bedded and 6 double bedded
  • 4 Suites- All of them are double bedded
  • 1 Presidential Suites that has a lavish living room and two opulently designed bedrooms; one twin bedded and other double bedded.

If you wish to explore the iridescent lands of India then there is no better way that taking the world’s leading luxury train, Maharajas’ Express.