Life is beautiful.

When will I become the sun that lights you up? all I can do is think about myself. No matter how old I get, I know I will never change, I disgust myself… But once you said to me “Just be yourself”, that moment I knew how gifted I was.

And I could say “Life is beautiful”

You are a wonderful gift for me.

Always wanted to be like the hero in a movie to show myself bigger than the real me. But I have to play my character, for this is my movie that I’m starring in. For a long time, I had high ideals like mountains and I’ve hidden myself behind them. But I am ok, Sun’s gotta rise up, oh I wanna light you with my life.

I won’t push myself too hard anymore.

I’ll just be me whatever lies beyond this path.

And when you’re lonely, I’ll be close to you.

So you can say “Life is beautiful”