Irregular Regularity Of Math | NFT

No matter how you look, if you have a fascinating, creative, exciting mind, you can be beautiful if you’re a good thinker. By applying lateral and parallel thinking skills, you can improve your mind. An exquisite sense will help us in this way, that we can value the world around us like Shamans. With my designs, I wanted to associate the role of Rapé for Shamans. Likewise, Rapé is used to bring the user to their energy channels and superior self and intensify their connection with the world. It will be a little difficult, but establishing a healthy and sincere relationship and our genuine desire will lead us to a beautiful mind. Just as man does not agree with everything, he does not disagree with everything. We always think of 99% in successful odds, but I want to talk about those 1s! 1% Of the world’s population with schizophrenia. Illusions are usually related to the content of delusional themes. Delusions are strange or annoying. In Irregular Regularity Of Math, I tried to regulate my visual illusions with mathematics and geometry and provide you with a geometric Rapé.

One hundred percent from the mind of those one percent. My name is Mahdi Bordo, 23 years old, studying Information technology. I became acquainted with programming at the age of 14, and it has always been inspiring for me to combine it with art. I used p5js for this project.

I do not know! I may never be able to share my thoughts with the other 99%. But I hope those can see what I see.

Why numbers and shapes can’t be Rapé powder to clear our minds? The world is made up of irregularities in order together, like traffic lights on the streets to regulate traffic.

Here is one of the pieces in .SVG format:

Google Drive

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Open Sea — Irregular Regularity Of Math

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