Fire In The Camp

Save the children staff were busy as usual in their own activities, CFS was filled with the children, Volunteers are signing there new contracts with save the children. Engineers were busy in planning for the water scheme in Aliawe camp. Suddenly A smoke was appeared covering a large area of the camp:
Save the children educated on Fire and safety Volunteers were in hurry to get to the fire site. And immediately they started to help the people to take their documents and to save the children’s life. Some of the volunteers brought water from the small tanks which was filled with water early at the morning by UNICEF,Save the children truck.
The children were crying and in fear since they found their families are running away from the fire. Even in the last sectors which were too far from the fire area the people were running a way Toward the main street. They felt fear and they were worry on their lives.
In the same time the water truck driver reached the area in hurry and he opened the water on the fire trying to extinguishing with no avail
A gas bottle exploded and the people felt more fear from the sound of the explosion. And the water truck drivers with orders from one of save the children’s WASH went to the last point of the fire to extinguish it there and the fire will be stooped from reaching the other tents. And in the same time the second truck reached there with Concrete truck who put 5 M3 of concrete on the fire to extinguishing it.
The two water trucks are appeared and the picture is taken from the top of the second truck.
The second truck was able to stop the fire in certain place. A happy sound was heard at that time and finally it was the Firefighting Team who reached to the site and they extinguished the fire.

The volunteer and the hygiene promotion team put the temerity fence around the area to protect the children in case of farther incident and they provided Psychological aid for the people who were affected by the fire
The volunteer and the hygiene promotion team put the temerity fence around the area to protect the children.
Save the children WASH Team coordinated with the Municipality to provide a shovel and loader and they responded. And immediately the engineers started to clean the ashes and leveling the land for instilling tents for these people. In the same time the CFS was opened in front of the families to sit there and spend the night there if needed.

Engineers are supervising the cleaning and the land leveling
In the same time the team asked to provide urgent IRR&RRM kit and the logistic team responded as fast as the wind. Everything was prepared and some of the team staff worked on the distribution

Distribution of IRR&RRM Kits on the 73 affected families
This small story shows what save the children teams are in the front line to save the vulnerable people. One against the flood in the camp and now in front of the fire, the lesion learn from this incident will affect how the projects will be implemented, Safety must to preserved in the future, training should be given, sessions to The IDPs should be repeated, emergency respond team from the volunteers should be trained and make them ready for emergency states like this one.
Save the children International

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