Wilder World Asset Investment Strategies Part 1: NFT’s, Genesis, Industries, and the Metaverse

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Wilder Beast with MF DOOM Mask

#NFA + Disclaimer

Is there anything funnier and more hypocritical than saying NFA, right before going on a tirade about incredibly specific financial opportunities? As a 10+x rug pull survivor and degen ape, NONE of what I’ll say here is ‘advice’. In fact you should never take ‘advice’ from anyone in this space. What this IS, is my personal rational logic of potential scenarios based on the experience and knowledge I have gotten to date on this project. So when people say DYOR, this is some of mine put to paper. A DYOR Cliff Notes so to speak… or to Gen-Z’ers, a DYOR CHAT GPT query…. Anyway, you see enough people say #NFA before they rant, and like a Boomer on Facebook re-pasting some clearly meaningless “I Don’t Give Zuck Permission to Use my Info…….” nonsensical rant that does nothing but make them look ignorant… here I am, doing the same thing.. sort of? … moving on…

Additionally, if you’re not familiar with Wilder World yet, this article is NOT for you. In the near future I’ll write a summary and analysis on the project itself, however this is geared towards those who have a good understanding of the Wilder World Metaverse and the respective NFT’s.

And we’re off!

When considering what topic I wanted to start with I decided to crowdsource ‘The People’. I knew the topic would be Wilder related because there is simply so much to discuss about it and I knew it’d get the flow rolling easy. So by community vote my first story, analysis, and writing outlet for my weird mind is going to be on Asset Strategies for my favorite Web 3 and Metaverse project, Wilder World.

Thanks 49 of you! Even those who prefer 280 characters or less

I’m a believer that in order to create ideal strategies, particularly when there actually isn’t a correct answer, you have to start by asking yourself a series of questions to best decide the approach that fits for you. Just like in Wilder World, if you’re taking a trip to Little Meow you can get there 1,000 different ways and none of them are wrong. Some are going to be quicker, some will make the trip more of an adventure, and some are simply a safe means to a destination…… ..….and some may lead you astray #SideQuests

Wait.. First help me understand something. Why are ‘Assets Strategies’ even something you need to consider with Wilder World?

Great question me! It has everything to do with the vastness of both the assets themselves, as well (and more importantly) the rewards and access they unlock. Add in that you need to have an idea of what you feel YOUR personal future holds as an Avatar, an asset holder, AND an Industry DAO member.

  • *Note: If Wilder Industry DAO’s aren’t something you’re familiar with I will provide a summary later. *

The rewards Wilder World has delivered to date as well as those which they plan to deploy are incredibly beneficial to any type of participant in the project.

Flipasaurus Rex’ers will want to understand how to best set themselves up in both short and long term scenarios.

And Wilder Stans(even maniacs who write long ass summary’s like these for the thrill of it) will also want to ensure they can get the absolute most from both a rewards and in-game value point of view.

We will analyze strategies for both.

The Algorithm to Perfect Success at Wilder World……. doesn’t exist.

So, when considering strategies we need to consider 3 things

  1. What do we know #Facts
  2. What can we infer #AlfAlfaBreadcrumbs
  3. What if’s based on 1 & 2 #LetsNotAssumeButLetsAssume

Then we must consider the weight we put on non-monetary, street cred driven, #thesearemypeople #thrillofthegame ride or die collectors.

as well as purely monetary opportunities #WenMoonDevsHelp

Mind you, you can be both. I certainly consider both at all times and it’s why I feel like the suggestions and insights here are based on a year and half worth of experience living the #WilderSprit myself.

Where was I again?… oh yeah.

When considering non- monetary goals and wanting to plan your future self and persona in the metaverse I believe you need to personally stack rank these elements:

  1. Rarity — Is clout, uniqueness, or even the stats that enhance your player (remember currently with Beasts and Motos the each type more rare equates to a multitude of +1 stats to the NFT)
  2. Volume — Do you want to carry as many NFTs as possible? One of each? or do you simply just need a motorcycle(or should I say wotocycle) to cruise around town?
  3. Persona — As Cam’ron once said, “What means the World to You? Will you be a full time WAPE or are you a hype beast who MUST be rocking Wilder Kicks made by a world renowned IRL shoe designers and fashion icons (sup chad and liger)?
  4. Budget — This is an always on consideration one needs to make, but why its important on the growth side of your collection is that due to the collection variety already, you’ll end up with a whole slew of ways to spend that will create different perks and paths. This piece will be the hardest to provide guidance on because no one has the same budget or market timing.
  5. FUTURE REWARDS! — Did this asshole really put this one LAST? Why am I even reading this? Why am I talking to myself?…. Anyway. FUTURE REWARDS are something truly unique to Wilder World. That is often stated, but rarely delivered on. But even to date, the team has put their money (and prized NFTs) where their metaphorical mouths are.

So how important is planning for the unplannable to you? Do you like the idea of owning NFTs that enable you to buy discounted NFTs or even get some for free (*+gas of course)? Is a slow accumulation of unique industries smart? Whats the cheapest path to moving full time to my own island because I’m willing to risk it all? (#NFA)

But this is ‘crypto’ right? and this wouldn’t be crypto if there weren’t some significant monetary considerations (C.R.E.A.M.) to be made when it comes to NFTs and Tokens(Token talk later). So while the above may be more important to people who plan to move into Wilder World on day 1, many are looking for more opportunities way to play the market, anticipate pumps, garner free valuable future NFTs, and be eligible for DAO/Staking rewards. So whats best to consider if you take the red pill?

  1. FUTURE REWARDS — Wait… he just talked about this, this is redundant and I’m about ready to move on from this long winded idiot. but WAIT! Let me explain. Future rewards from Wilder World ARE in part what makes these assets such a valuable monetary investment. Holding some or many of these assets grants you access to heavily discounted white lists and/or outright free claims(+ gas). For example, recently, if you just held a Wilder Wheels NFT you got a free Moto. That Moto gave every wheel holder effectively +1 to their Genesis holdings OR a free ~.2–1+ ETH on the market.. (and for some lucky 255 Wilders, the ability to fly around Wilder World.. for free.)
  2. Flip Flip Flipability — You know exactly what the fuck I mean.
  3. Industry DAO Rewards — I can’t believe i’m still here.. but this dude did mention this earlier.. I may as well carry on a bit further. Damn right you should carry on a bit further because Industry DAO rewards are quietly the biggest upside ‘but what if they pull it off’ in the fucking Web 3 gaming space. #LongPosition.

One MAJOR distinction for those who hold Wilder Genesis NFTs (Don’t worry I do a whole thing on Genesis below) is that as a holder, each NFT is a vote and potential stake in the Industry DAO. As you’ll come to learn shortly, there will ultimately be 8–9 industries, each with a Genesis (which has always been the first edition/collection release of each Industry) asset class.

If you hold even one of those assets, you become 1/____ (collection size) owner of REVENUE BUILT FROM THAT INDUSTRY. …chill dude. that seems like something I should want, but how the fuck does an nft ‘industry’ make revenue? … If you’d shut up I was about to get to that.

Current DAO Holdings for the activated 4 WIlder Industry DAO’s — (~$3.7MM)

While we don’t have the full story on what exactly will drive Wilder Industry DAO revenue we do know enough to know that NFTs like Wheels will be race ready, possibly rentable, and there will be in game transactions that garner fees. Additionally (and this is the more important part), I believe DAO members will be on the receiving end/decision making of all NFT Trading fees (on sales via places like OpenSea).

So to ELI5 and TL;DR on Industry DAO’s this all means that by holding a genesis asset, your industry will make money in the Metaverse as well as via tradtional trading. And you and other DAO members can make proposals on how to use that money! You could propose a floor sweep to raise the prices and even raffle them off to holders. You could propose to simply give every holder a % of the treasury as a dividend. You could even advocate to fund a 3rd party project YOUR invested in to develop Wilder Assets, which would add value to multiple investment projects.

What is a Genesis again and why does it matter?

If you read anything about strategizing your rewards, read this to understand what has happened to date and what we know about the future of Genesis drops. Remember a Genesis simply means it’s been both considered an Industry AND is from the first collection release. Each collection has varied in size greatly. From the smallest being S0 Kicks, at just 99 pieces to Wheels, with 6396. In general, the rewards and floor prices of Genesis assets is significantly higher than non.

For example:

S0 Kicks Floor = 5.2 ETH — > S1 = .5 ETH —> S2 = .35

Wilder Wolves = 1 ETH whereas WAPEs = .12

While most projects would kill to have the floor prices of even the most ‘entry’ level non-genesis assets, the reasons for the varying values will make a lot more sense as you learn why.


A glimpse into Genesis, courtesy of n30, one of the project founders, and avatar in the demos

Let’s start with the CURRENT Genesis Assets

*HINT: In the Wilder World Discord you can type !Genesis and it will reveal exactly the NFTs and links below… this is copy pasta, but always be sure to double check links from unofficial sources… even this one!) :

| S0 Kicks ►►► Opensea link: https://bit.ly/OpenseaKicks WWMM link: https://bit.ly/WWMMKicks Collection Size: 99 — Floor 5.2 ETH

| Wheels ►►► Opensea link: https://bit.ly/OpenseaWheels WWMM link: https://bit.ly/WWMMWheels Collection Size: 6396 — Floor .45

| Wolves ►►► Opensea link: https://bit.ly/OpenseaWolves WWMM link: https://bit.ly/WWMMWolves Collection Size: 3333 — Floor 1 ETH

| Motos ►►► Opensea link: https://bit.ly/OpenseaMotos WWMM link: https://bit.ly/WWMMMotos Collection Size: 6396 — Floor .23 ETH

| Cribs ►►► Opensea link: https://bit.ly/OpenseaCribs WWMM link: https://bit.ly/WWMMCribs Collection Size: 101 — Floor 8.1 ETH

| Crafts ►►► Opensea link: https://bit.ly/OpenseaCrafts WWMM link: https://bit.ly/WWMMCrafts Collection Size: 501 — Floor 2.06 ETH

| PLUS WILDCARD GENESIS ASSETS — FRANK WILDER MetaPhoenix & Cyberheist- https://makersplace.com/wilderworld/drops/metaphoenix/ — Holders of an OG Frank Wilder NFTs are also granted a +1 Genesis to the wallet it’s in.

A community made infograph about the Genesis, but NOT Industry Wild Card NFTs

FUTURE GENESIS ASSETS (in order of anticipated release):

Remember. Even though a ton of industries and NFT collections have been released to date, there is still a LOT to come. Some imminent and we have details on, some that’ve only been hinted, and others that’ve yet to even be discussed.

This came just this past week when we thought we knew the full entirety of Trinity Rewards…..

Wilder GENs — 3696 GENs — Floating AI Bots anticipated to be your Wilder Assistant to the Metaverse (which is a cool way of saying it will enhance your gameplay and likely show you things other cannot in Wiami). The release of these is a FREE claim to all Trinity holders (more on that below)and is coming in the next couple weeks (Ekim, one of the 3d artists of this collection has hinted at March)

Wilder Gen
Gen Leak Designed by OlegSoroko and Ekim

Wilder Land — The Great First Land Grab of Wiami will also be considered a Genesis Asset. Unlike Cribs, which are (as of now) independently owned Condos specifically in downtown Wiami, Land is buying actual plots in which you can build whatever the fuck you want. You can be a farmer, build a house, build a shop, literally whatever you want (with likely some degree of censorship from building a Dildo Tower in the middle of Little Wavana). The first Land Sale (10–13k plots) will be a Free Mint for each Trinity held but beyond that we don’t know what the White List requirements will be and Public Mint price hasn’t been released. I’ve heard some rumors about partners participating in Land Sale one similar to the way Sandbox did to ensure the most loyal builders have access to prime real estate.

Infographic on known Land Drop Info(Wilder World Official Discord)
*Credit to Community Member @BelshieBits
Credit for this Proposed Land Industry Breakdown and potential Staking Mechanic to Community Member BelshieBits. This is not official, but has been hinted at a possible way land mechanics could work in game

Wilder PALs* — *As of 2/8/23, there hasn’t been 100% confirmation that PAL’s will be Genesis but it’s been heavily speculated.* — Unlike GENs, these are full bodied AI also designed by Oleg and Ekim. If you saw the Wilder World gameplay trailers as well as the Moto promo video, you’ve seen them in the wild. Compared to other assets, these are the ones we currently know the least about. No known release date, no known way to ensure you’ll get one or whether they’ll be free or not. But upon their release they could potentially be the last of the 9 known Genesis Industries. Though with Wilder, there’s always a possibility that more Industries are created down the line (…Metaverse Fashion anyone?)

Shot of a PAL from the Wilder in Game Trailer (from Ekims twitter)
  • *Hot Tip Alert: It has been hinted that future Wilder NFT mints will be purchased in $WILD. To date, only Cribs and Crafts were $WILD. All others have been $ETH mints. So it’s worth considering your bag size in $WILD in anticipation of future mints*

Key Rewards Information

1) Trinity? Trinities? #TrinitySeason?

An absolute must know term within Wilder World and the current rewards structure involves Trinities(link to Wilder Official Zine with more core details)

If you’ve been involved with this project for even 5 minutes, you’ve likely seen the work #Trinity thrown around. Trinity rewards have been the most documented, as well as sought after rewards to date. They are also, in part, why the Wilder Genesis assets discussed above generally have at least a 2x Floor price above its non-genesis counterparts.

It’s also worth noting that the Trinity Reward system is evolving. I’ll explain below.

Todays Trinity: As of this publishing, the only recognized way to own a Trinity is to own 3 unique assets of any of the 6 Industry Genesis assets listed above in the same wallet. (example: 2 Wheels and a Moto is NOT. A wheel + moto + craft IS).

Also: Every NFT can only be used in ONE Trinity. So in order to create a 2nd Trinity, you need an additional 3 unique assets (total of 6). These CAN be the same Industry as the ones in the other Trinity, it simply must be a 2nd unique set.

Future Trinity: In the future however, things get a bit more dynamic. At at date that I expect we are a bit of a ways away from (1 year + is my guess) you will have 8-9 Industries+ Wildcards to create Trinity Chains. A Trinity Chain can be 3,4,5, or 6 unique Genesis Assets in a single chain.

To date we have very little info on what additional benefits come from carrying the 4,5 and 6 chain, but many speculative Wilders are currently already holding 6 chain Trinities.

Additionally, we have a fair amount of reason to believe that Time Staked (upon the launch of NFT Staking via zer0.io) will be a piece of consideration for all reward chains. It’s likely that by staking and removing from the market for extended periods, you will be able to increase rewards in some capacity (or maybe bigger piece of the pie from in game transactions?)

The 6 Confirmed Benefits of Trinity (From Wilder World Official Zine)

2) Free Drops, Discounted Whitelists, Raffles, IRL shit, and more. —

Since the inception of Wilder World, Frank, N3o, and team have stated time and time again that a key to the longevity of this project is rewarding holders for.. well hodling. To encourage this level of participation and engagement they said they want to build the reward program to end all reward programs (quite ambitious I will say). But to date, they’ve largely delivered and we already know about additional rewards for both Trinity and non-Trinity asset holders.

2A.) What has been rewarded to date, so we can better consider and predict whats to come (in order from most recent).

  1. Frank Wilder Open Edition — Feb 23' — ALL Wilder Main Contract Holders got 1 Frank Wilder Open Edition: Cash Is Dead NFT (this is somewhat unrelated to Wilder World itself, however you will likely be able to put this NFT in your Wilder home. It was minted at .0369 ETH and a limited run)
  2. Wapes-Dec 22' — Holding a Wilder Genesis Wolf entered you into a lottery to win a shot at a Wilder WAPE as well as all additional forthcoming BEASTs. (As you can see in the infographic below, we have a rough idea of continuously shrinking collection sizes, same mint price, and the need to have at least 1 of each prior Beast release to potentially qualify for the white list release) (~Wape Value .18–1+ ETH)

3. Genesis Moto’s — July 22' — Wheels holders got a free Moto per Wheels (~.2–1+ ETH)

A Genesis Moto Hover + Side Car 1/1

4. Wilder Kicks S1 & S2 (Liger 2’s and Chad Knights) — There were ‘Quantum Drops’ for these kicks releases.

S1- Jan 22'–182 pairs at a .21 ETH price, you entered a raffle by holding any Wilder asset, >.21 ETH, and signing up. (~.5– 1+ ETH)

S2–April 22' — 269 pairs at a .21 ETH price, you entered raffle by holding any Genesis Wilder Asset at snapshot and signing up. (~.35–1+ ETH)

S2 Chad Knight Kicks

5. Crafts — Dec 21' — Another huge ‘Quantum Drop’ — 501Crafts — 999 $WILD (which was like $3k at the time) — you had to hold any Wilder NFT and race to the mint (old school style.. old school meaning like a year ago style…) (~2.5+ ETH)

6. Cribs — Nov 21' — This was a big one. 99 Cribs — Qualified by holding 1 or more Wilder NFTs, >500 $WILD, and signing up (8+ ETH)

7. *Trinity Island — While not technically released, we do know that Trinity holders will have ‘always on’ access and be the only Wilders who can travel to and from Trinity Island, Wiami

Trinity Island Mock Up. Actual Land Designed by Mariana Cabugueira

Known Forthcoming Releases:

  1. Wilder Gen’s — As mentioned above, every Trinity Holder will get a Wilder Gen for free (+ gas) for each 3 chain Trinity held. (Timeline: March or April 23')
  2. IRL Frank Wilder Totem and NFT — Before the Metaverse, Frank was known for releasing a wide variety of IRL Totems (chain necklaces). They are incredibly hard to find now, but each Trinity holder is expected to get one very soon along with a companion NFT version — (Timeline: 1H 23')
Frank Wilder Trinity Totem Preview
  1. Land — One of the biggest rewards forthcoming for Trinity holders is land. Not 1, not 2, but 3 pieces of FREE land for each Trinity held during 3 separate snapshot and land mints. *reminder only land drop 1 will be Genesis, and is likely going to be the most valuable in terms of location in Wiami* (Timeline: mid to late 23' for Land Drop 1)
  2. Wilder Pal’s — Still TBD on these outside of what they look like (Timeline: Late 23', early 24')
Wilder Pal Leak from Wilder World Discord

Strategy Guide for a few types of common Wilder’s……..

What would I be thinking about if I…….

am simply trying to dip my toes into Wilder World on a lower budget?

I would say two things to this.

1.If you anticipate spending meaningful time in the metaverse, but you have fears that you might realize it’s simply not for you. I would start with a Wheels or Moto. At a current entry of ~$700 or $375 respectively you get a way around AND a Genesis asset.

These pieces have held their value really well and I believe should continue to do so (or better) as utility, rewards, and use cases continue to develop. Thus you can likely make a relatively save exit, but join the ride with Wilder for as long as you’d like and possibly get rewarded along the way.

2. If you are looking to strategize a growing collection you may want to consider starting with a Wolf. Currently the most popular asset due to its obvious dopeness, market value, Genesis +1 and mandatory ownership for a chance to get white listed to each of the 5 remaining remaining .07 mint price Beasts.

If you can stretch your budget to ~$1,500–1,800 for a Wolf AND Wape, you put yourself in a good position to get a Bull. Why I’d potentially stay away from Wheels in this case, is because we already got a Free Moto for Wheels ownership. So when trying to predict the future, its best to look at the past and think if an Industry that’s already given back a significant reward will do so again in the near future.

What would I be thinking about if I…….


Trinity you say? Well I get it dude! I do. When you consider all the things above you’re right. It simply makes sense to be a trinity holder. If you own a trinity TODAY, you’re GUARANTEED a decent return of assets, that, at worst, would allow you to hedge your bets even if you’re simply trying to make money on a future sale of the Trinity assets you hold!

So as of today. The path of least resistance to a Trinity is a Wheel + Moto + Wolf. Total cost as of today is ~.45 + .23 + 1 = 1.68 ($2688). Thats not cheap. But even as I mentioned above. Wilder assets, particularly Genesis, have held their value remarkably well over a seriously long period of time and a horrific NFT bear market. Nothing is a ‘safe’ hold, but these have been as good as it gets.

C.R.E.A.M Strategy Alert!* —#NFA! If you want to make a quick flip. You could likely buy the 3 piece trinity I list above today and wait to claim your Wilder GEN in a couple weeks.

I anticipate GEN’s, even though a genesis, will be an asset in the ~.2 — .5 floor range early on at a minimal and settle on the lower side of that (for now).

Given that, you could in theory sell your Wolf for ~1 ETH, keep the GEN, and now carry a trinity of ~1 ETH Value and put 60% of your investment back into your wallet as a hedge.

  • CAVEAT ALERT: It has been confirmed that Wilder GEN’s, though Genesis for the future, will NOT count as part of a Trinity Land reward qualification. So in this strategy, you’d have to sell the GEN only to still qualify for the forthcoming Trinity Land reward. It WILL give you a future 4 chain, but not land (for now)*

*C.R.E.A.M Strategy Alert Completed!*

Wilder STAN Strategy Alert! — #NFA! Similarly, you could retain your GEN, now carry a future 4-chain Trinity and a Wilder NFT bag worth 2 ETH or sell 1 of any of the 3 assets based on your anticipated play style AND still guarantee yourself Wilder Land (and a Frank Wilder Totem)

*Wilder STAN Strategy Alert Completed!*

What would I be thinking about if I…….

am fucking RICK ROSS and I’m ready to start BMF

Well listen Whale. You’re not BmanWilder, but you can try your best to be like him(shout out the BmanWilder Show):


  1. Stack Trinities and consider 4,5,6 chain Trinities— If it hasn’t become obvious yet, at scale, holding trinities has proven and will continue to prove to provide valuable ROI on both sides of the strategy spectrum. Often, the things we’ve yet to hear about are the real firestarters with the community (and beyond) and the type of things that ‘pump bags’ and drive collectors to accumulate is announcements about the things we know WILL exist, but don’t yet. And one of those larger opportunities is the 4,5, and 6 chain trinities.

Right now the clearest paths to chains =

3 — Wolf + Wheel + Moto

4- Wolf + Wheel + Moto + GEN (Free)

5 — Wolf + Wheel + Moto + GEN + Gen Land (Also Free)

6- Wolf + Wheel + Moto + GEN + Gen Land + Craft or Wildcard NFT

Looking at the above, if you stack a bunch of Wolf + Wheel + Moto chains (and hurry because GENs are imminent), you will automatically be able to Hodl yourself into 5 chain Trinities and know full well that you’ll be in a relatively rare group of holders. There will be a good low ratio of 5 and 6 chainers that will be sharing whatever rewards are yet to come for those tiers.

2. Rarity Hunt — Keep an eye out for rare AND desirable traits. Assuming you are like most people and planning long positions with Wilder World, newer users looking to garner marquee assets will pay the premium for the dopeness.

I recommend considering a few assets I’ve seen draw in larger than average prices due to rarity + the culture:

Wolves — Crowns, Mondriaan color, MF Doom Mask, Laser Eyes, and Hybrids with 2 or more Mech components. All of these features I’ve seen there be a more cultural and prestige rarity attached to. They won’t come cheap, but sometimes the floor flippers will surprise you with a valuable hold. True Mechs are the rarest, but I believe due to the collection being universally fantastic, people have been happy to get more attached to non-mechs for some reason as they have been very available at just over general floor price (for the more common trait mechs)

Motos — Hovers. We still have yet to fully grasp the idea of flight in Wilder World. This is about as speculative as it gets, but could be a big payday given that as of today only 756 vehicles are capable of flight.

*Bonus: There are 136 Hover Motos WITH side cars. I suspect traveling with friends is a bonus people are SERIOUSLY undervaluing in Genesis + Aviation assets.

Crafts — No specific features to call out. Certainly the rarer the type, the higher the premium, but given the current features are universal on these, it’s purely aesthetic. So look for cooler ones with more unique features for potential future value but I feel these are currently the most undervalued asset at Wilder World.

Avoid Cribs and S0 Kicks Unless….— WHAT DID THIS MAN JUST SAY!? I know I know, but it’s true. I think some of the most prestigious assets in the entire ecosystem should be avoided. I personally think that these are in fact some of the best assets you COULD own, however the price point is very high vs the guaranteed ROI on the rewards you can get with significantly lower cost Trinities (even consider 4,5, and 6 chains). The UNLESS here is purely if these items hold immense value to YOU. I do think as Land and future living areas evolve that these assets will still be marquee pieces, but to me, as an investor, it’s far too risky a speculation and the clout wouldn’t be worth the insane cost. This is a take I actually hope to eat crow on, but it’s too risky.

BONUS OPPORTUNITY ALERT (insert hip hop air horn here……) Community DAO’s!

If this is STILL all too confusing or you want to be a Trinity holder, but simply can’t afford it, you can STILL get one by joining one of the many Community led DAO’s. These DAO’s are not officially related to Wilder World, but many of them have members join by contributing NFTs or just some ETH to own a % of a DAO Treasury. Many of them host hangouts, offer membership NFT’s, and voting mechanics to make strategic decisions like all the ones listed above, as a team! I suspect down the line you’ll be able to utilize and share all the assets owned by the DAO.

I’m sure I don’t know about all of them but here are twitter links for some in which I know members of: Wild Pineapple DAO, GOWWA, and Polaris

What would I be thinking about if I…….

am a dolphin named Flipper. I want to go Mckayla Maroney Mode. I want to come in and out like an eel and simply fill my ETH bags.

Honestly. It’s hard with Wilder World to specifically do that. But if its your game, my approach would be this.

  1. Keep bids on floor assets. I often see wolves, wheels, and others going below floor due to folks accepting bids for liquidity or personal exits and bots. If you’re patient and have a system, you can easily make .05 — .1 constantly doing this method and re-listing at the floor. It’s likely why we often see the same floor wheels, motos, and others rotating on the top of Opensea
  2. Be a discord and twitter lurker, and plan for fomo pumps. We often see some assets get a pre-reveal pump. So assuming you’re just trying to flip assets, holding assets as outlined in this article like single Genesis, Trinities, or both current Beasts might get you a cheap white list or free asset that will typically have a post mint 2–10x spike (or get you a rare).
  3. I hate writing this, but it’s true. Find stolen assets that opportunistic hackers are selling cheap on x2y2.io, looksrare, and Blur.io. It’s a sad reality, but even when they are blocked from Opensea, long term collectors and sometimes even the previous owner will want to buy them back. (NOTE: Don’t be an asshole. Often members will try to recover assets for those taken advantage of. I advise you to utilize the Wilder Spirt if you end up buying a stolen asset and get approached to make things right, even if it means breaking even)

Conclusion TL;DR

I certainly had a lot to say on this topic, holy shit. But to summarize, (and I hope even if you skipped around you got SOME value from this) there is a lot of ways to participate as both a future resident of Wiami or speculative investor. I believe in the old adage of DYOR and to do that for Wilder World takes a lot of genuine R.

But starting with 1) an understanding of current and future rewards 2) setting strategic objectives that can be both investment in AND for ‘future you’ is critical and 3) don’t let it overwhelm you. It’s a lot, but resources are abundant, ask questions to helpful people, and as long as you are careful (NEVER CLICK LINKS IN DISCORD DMS), you should be able to easily create a plan based on your goals and budget. And best of all, you can participate in all sorts of ways for free or as low as like $200 to be an asset holder of a AAA studio quality and metaverse ready asset.

Final Quick Disclaimer

One of the reasons I didn’t want to discuss this topic first, specifically with Wilder World is that almost all of the above can look like its missing some clear risk objectivity and has a Permabull tone to it. But the people voted, so I went with this out of the gates.

That said, with anything I write about I will enter with my maximum effort to remain objective about the bull and bear cases. If I personally wanted to read permabull narratives, I’d hop into my Crypto Twitter echo champer for 5 minutes. I do love Wilder World and the chances it has to be immensely successful, but in a later blog I will discuss the project more on a macro level and provide my own thoughts on what could derail the project. Keep that in mind as you analyze your own Wilder asset strategies and risk mitigation.

Special shout out to a few people who helped me make sure most of this was accurate → West Wilder, Shiny Wilder, and Wingman!

You can support Wingman by taking a look at his Unreal Engine 5 Ready Journey to the Centerverse NFT

Current Trinity Holders. Use this amazing community created tool to view and assess your bags — https://trinityzer.com/ — created by FC Wilder — No Wallet connection required.



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