Black Holes- Composition and Roles In The Universe

24.2) Black Holes

According to current literature

There are many questions regarding the origin, composition, roles and fates of the black holes in the working of the Universe. Some of these are:

▪️The Big Bang

According to our postulations

▪️Black hole composition

▪️The Event horizon

- Formation of the event horizon

▪️Increase in mass of a black hole: the accretion process


▪️Hawking radiation

▪️Fabric of spacetime adjacent to a black hole

▪️Quantum Mechanics within a black hole

▪️Absence of electromagnetic field


▪️Relationships between black holes & the masses of galaxies

▪️The triggering mechanism for the first Big Bang

▪️Information at the black hole level

Qubits from its




Universe Binary Constructors- Strings and Singularities

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Mahmoud Nafousi

Mahmoud Nafousi

Universe Binary Constructors- Strings and Singularities

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