Encounter in Nineveh, a route to personal Enlightenment

Just to share with you my love for the book “Encounter in Nineveh”, by Mahmoud Nafousi which has really uplifted my spirit and inspired me to be an activist for a just world order. This book is a Jewel among the many books published in recent times. Although it is written in a fictional style in the form of a dialogue with divine visitors, in reality it addresses many current and pressing issues facing humanity today.

I love to hear from you if you have read it or know of a similar book in its message and conviction to rid humanity of the evil within. The book discloses credible hidden knowledge in the field of the general theory of physics, the creation of the seeds of life with its build in evolutionary manual and much more. The Author claims that when he was in a state of a coma after being bombed by the U.S. Airforce in 2003 in Mosul, Iraq. He received hidden knowledge from Alien holograms over a period of 7 days disclosing almost a theory of everything through rational analysis which appeals to serious readers and academics. It clearly spells out the strength of argument about the existence of the great designer and challenges atheists’ reliance on the argument that we do not need God to explain the starting point of our physical universe.

The links below will allow to access some of what is written about the revelations made in this book to have an idea as to the extend of issues addressed in this work.

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Edward Goldfield

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