I am 32 and I do not have my shit together.
Jessica Semaan

It takes a great courage to let the whole world knows your inner frustrations in life.

we all need to remember that we only see the world through our inner mind. What is stored in your memory is the source of all your joy and frustration. As we observe reality around us we compare that with what we regard as fair in accordance to our own experiences. Unfortunately we have to be realist and accept the world as it is and try to change the only thing we can change and that is how we perceive reality. Such transformation requires you to be open minded and hungry to adopt new way of thinking. The article below I have written to person very dear to my heart who was passing through the same healthy process of awakening and questioning as you put it.

Transformation to a Blissful and Joyous Existence

We all instinctively know that our healthy conscious mind drives us to the only conclusion that Joy, creativity and inclusiveness should be our nature. In reaching this conclusion we should not confuse attitudes with consciousness. Changing our thoughts or thinking is not the same as changing our consciousness. Positive thinking leads to change but not transformational. The latter happens only if we realise that we need to be in harmony and unity with a world of universal peace of mind, creativity and love. Let us assume that the nature and purpose of life is to be: open minded, inquisitive and seeker of knowledge so that we become inclusive, creative and joyous. If we make this understanding as our operational manual to guide our conscious to control all our thoughts instead of our stored memory, then and only then we will experience a transformational change.

The personal transformation, which we must all seek, means that nothing of the cloudy past will remain, as new approach to thinking and looking at things takes hold. If one wants to be a successful doctor he needs to study for almost 10 years including rigorous training plus continuous update of his knowledge. To achieve a true transformation also requires the same or even more time, training, determination and discipline. This will be the best investment one undertakes if one wants to be joyous and creative..

To achieve a true transformation, attitudes, thoughts and actions must become the consequence of our consciousness and not it’s source. While we learn many skills and cultural values from the past, we must not allow that to contaminate the purity and serenity of our true consciousness. The sooner we realise that our 5 senses, which are key to our survival, are limiting our consciousness the more open minded we become in seeking the use of our other inner tools to achieve the transformational change.

With logic alone one can speculated. as to what consciousness is, but we need faith to make our conclusion becomes a deep and functioning part of our daily compass.

Currently we identify people by their body, sex, nationality, religion, wealth, position, culture, intellect etc., because that’s what our outward looking senses observe and that’s how our minds classify things. We teach our children to focus on identities as observed by our senses, while our true identity is the same if we think of the air we breath and the food we eat which make our bodies. Every year almost 90% of our body is renewed from atoms which are common among all living things. We need to teach our children that we are all equals as the ultimate constituents of our beings are the same.

Human thoughts and actions are determined by their memories and intellects and they are often the source of their misery and conflicts just as they are the source of their joy and fortunes. If a person cannot take control of what is stored in his memory and they way his body growing then how could he be expected to be successful in directing and managing his life’s journey? We need to remember that what is limitless is our ignorance of what we don’t know. This is important if we are to exploit the limitless opportunities we could create as we interact and work with others.

So if we believe that humanity deserves a joyful, blissful and creative existence, then we must all endeavour to seek the roadmap for cleansing our current prejudices and limiting thoughts and allow our blissful conscious to guide us in order that our dreams turns into reality. Below are some thoughts which may assist in this endeavor:

1. Appreciating the Advanced Science in the. Living Cells.

Our bodies are nothing but a collection of vibrating atoms put together with great care to form the ultimate biological mechanism for survival, procreation and the mental simulation of perceived reality. For this human mechanism to work efficiently, purposefully and free of pains and malfunctions , it needs the correct amount and types of atoms from the atmosphere and the food intake to ensure the continuous healthy renewals of all the cells making up our bodies. The atoms forming our bodies are nothing but vibrating strings, therefore we need to be mindful of all external influences that may interfere with the normal vibration of the atoms making up the human body. For example the human brain is made of 10 billions neurones with each neurone having about 10,000 endings to offer almost unlimited possible connections between the various neurones. The wiring and rewiring of these neurones are continuously taking place ensuring the magic of neuroplasticity and so updating and changing our memories and believe system. Consequently changing who we really are. Yoga, meditation, deep reflection and the correct education are some of the. tools to assist in the total transformation. For example, Yoga means inclusiveness or. the union with whatever you plan to join in the none physical reality. The 4 pillars we have are: mind, emotions, energy and body. We have to employ all the 4 pillars in our endeavors for a total transformation. The inclusiveness we seek in our refreshed consciousness is a matter of our imagination and therefore subject of our perceived realities.

2. The Greatest Mental Simulator.

The human brain is the greatest simulator on this planet. It is continuously at work perceiving things which could be real or imaginary. So the need arises to guide and control the simulation process to enable us to live and. interact in a meaningful and peaceful ways in any group or society. Our memories and imaginations make us what we really are. Unfortunately our brain, the greatest computer in this universe, has become the greatest misery and anxiety device. Only when we truly recognize the fact that we are responsible for our thoughts and actions we can deal effectively with the prevailing issues afflicting us. With our outward looking senses we seem to be over occupied with fixing the outside while our true reality exists only in our inside, and this reality which needs fixing.

3. The Guiding Principles.

To guide the human’s thought process, societies have formulated principles and commandments and linked them to rewards. and punishments or to Divine powers to ensure compliances. The given Divine Powers are magnified in accordance to the cultural values of the preachers instilling these ideas, using the imaginary sticks and carrots (heaven and hell). The promises made are usually in accordance to what they are most deprived off. In India, for example, they are promised plentiful good food in the next life or incarnations. In the deserts of Arabia the heavenly promises includes the loveliest virgin young women in blissful gardens with rivers and lakes. In each culture, the divine messenger or. “man of the cloth” promises what they miss most. This indoctrination may work for few generations until the human logic is upgraded and starts to reject such fairy stories. While such rejection frees the mind from the shackles of religious rigidities and indoctrinations, the freed minds may need to be re-shackled by some other chemical means to limit the mental simulation processes from creating anxieties and miseries. Unfortunately such shackles may be in the form of alcohol, medications or drugs which often subject societies to greater harms than the divine ones.

4. New. Brain’s Working Manual.

For humanity to reach a blissful, creative and joyful existence there is a need for a new operational manual to operate the most complicated known mechanism in this universe. The shackles of religions and the frequent resort to chemical sedations are no longer the answers to human need for meaningful existence. At present humanity are experimenting with alternative believe systems in search for such blissful and creative existence. Unfortunately they are mostly focusing on materialism for temporary comfort. Rate of depression and suicide is the highest where the emphasis is based on materialism for establishing a purpose in life. Within few generations humanity will wake up to the near destruction of their only planet and the creation of the greatest income differential gap. The result will be a wide spread of poverty, wars, mass migration, and the calls to cull few billions of the Hunan race as they are unnecessary to the perceived sustainability of the planet and the progress of the human intellect. Current human groupings by religions, cultural values, national identities, etc, are perpetuated and exploited to magnify the differences in order to instil fears for the sheer desire by those in power to dominate, conquer and exploit. For example Good Israelis claim that they have undeniable Divine rights to the promised land as they are God Chosen people. Good Palestinians claim that Resistance is the only way to challenge the injustices as rationalised by the good Israelis. Good Indians fight good Pakistanis. Good white supremacists fight everyone else! So what is the solution?

The answer can be found in changing the education system and political messages to free the minds of the new generations from the narrow groups’ belonging. The education systems needs to be freed from mental constipation which perpetuates human classification based on race, culture, religion or any other type of tribal belonging. Once this is done over few generations then we can truly start to free ourselves from the seeds of conflicts and practice humanity’s long awaited dream of “Love All, Hate None”. This is when we recognise the facts that we are all the children of this cosmos, made up of the same vibrating atoms and we are all the same irrespective of our differences. In other words all the apparent differences become non-consequential as they are the results of our joyous consciousness. It is time for all decent people to speak out to free the human mind from all types of inherited prejudices in order to open the doors for the infinite potentials which will result from the proper and conscious control of our thoughts and actions. If we are trained to control our thoughts just as we control any part of our body movements, then we will realise that the greatest pleasure doesn’t come from the temporary comfort derived from material belongings but from true, peaceful and unrestricted. wisdom. Such minds, with unlimited potentials, would open the possibilities of believing in things that can’t be observed by our senses but can only be. recognized by our consciousness. To reach such transformed mental state we need to emphasise the importance of awareness, mindfulness and reflection. This will undoubtedly involves the. persuit of clarity of thoughts free from past prejudices in addition to seeking blissful existence. This is when we reach the state of believe that: “All will be One and The One will be All”.

5) Emotional Management.

All human beings are blessed with similar mechanisms, yet the chemical soup they produce, which we call emotions are different. No two people who observe the same events produce exactly the same cocktail of emotions. This is why managing the mental simulator, through proper upbringings, mindfulness and reflection are essential for emotional management. All electronic gadgets will not work according to the designers’ objectives if they are wrongly wired or operated. Why then do we think that the human brain will work according to the Great Designer’s objective if it is abused and wrongly wired. The greatest quest throughout human history is to be creative and joyful. Unfortunately if we don’t go through total transformation, then the results will always reflect past cultural distortions and our brains become a tool for anxieties and misery.

7. Human Aspiration.

All human beings aspire success in whatever activities they endeavour. With success comes joy. Unfortunately such joy could be very temporary. Satisfying temporary needs or ill conceived ideas could lead to greater harm in the long run. A tyrant, for example, may gas his own people and feel the joy of his success by overcoming his perceived enemies. A twisted mind may define success very differently from what the majority of decent people may regard as just and acceptable. This is why all humans’ aspirations must emanate from our true essence as human beings , i.e. from our Clear consciousness which regards us all as creatures of this universe, equal in every aspects and deserve joyful existence while we persu creativity in a group setting. All humans’ aspirations must contribute to the wellbeing of the total humanity and all their actions are in line with the “natural law of justice” in order to achieve the “Total Transformation” referred to above.

8. We all need Relationships.

Every human being is an independent biological entity. However this entity cannot experience joy and team work unless it communicates and establishes relationship with other human entities. Good Relationships depends on being a good listener and a decent person. Relationship decides the quality of once life. This why we need to understand it’s basis and the need for it. Various types of relationships fulfil different needs such as: physical, political, spiritual, emotional, etc. In a good relationship we can receive and give. If our needs are not fulfilled then the relationship will go bad and we don’t experience a sense of completeness. Expectations from any relationship are usually not fulfilled because they usually grow to unrealistic level. We need to understand and control the source of these expectations if we are to maintain a healthy relationship. We need to understand that expectations do change because changing experiences and needs! They change at different pace and for multiple reasons. For a healthy relationship we need to avoid. trying to mind read the others, even if it was for the purpose of trying to meet their expectations. Following that route will undoubtedly reck many lives. This should not be the basis for a good relationship. It is not a question of managing others to achieve your desired relationship. This approach usually fails or creates hell. For a healthy relationship one needs to look for inclusiveness. The need for relationships arises because our sense of incompleteness if we don’t work and live in a team setting. If we feel complete then everyone will like to be with us. When a flower blossoms every one loves its look and smell. We need completeness at all four levels of: energy, body (action), emotions and mind (intellect). Only then people would be attracted to us. Bad relationships causes the most hurt in people’s life. Humans have moved from coping to live in a large group setting which consists of the wider family members to only tolerating the spouse and the children. This intolerance have come about, in spite of so much wealth, due to the rising level of selfishness associated with the emphasis on material living as being the basis for our comfort.

9. Leadership.

For a true transformation one needs to make use of his leadership qualities. By definition leaders inspires others and guide them to achieve the desired objectives. For those who seek to manage others successfully must first succeed in managing themselves to achieve their transformation to the shores of peace and tranquility. How could one be a leader of others if he fails to mange and inspire the very one person he has a full control over, that is the self. The sooner we recognize that all what we experience exist in the mind only the quicker we can take the first step toward transformation. All our fortunes and misfortunes are of our own making and they are all the results of our thoughts and actions.

10. Adopt the joy of giving and receiving.

By giving and receiving love, care, respect, money, etc. you are enhancing your connection with your true nature. You will get support and energy of the people around you to follow up your goals. The giving could be in the form of a flower, a compliment, a smile, a chat, a hug, or just an eye contact. Always remember what one plants one reaps. No action or debt goes unsettled.

Mahmoud Nafousi

Author of the Book Encounters In Nineveh

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