Don’t Count America Out
John McCain

People like John McCain make us proud to be humans. It is justice and fairness for all, it is empathy and caring for those who are less fortunate, it is adhering to fundamental civilized values, it is rejecting greeds of the few to enrich themselves at the expense of the many, and above all it is the support and opportunities we must give to the many to meet their aspirations we must strive and work for relentlessly without fear or prejudice.

Dear John, keep marching and don’t be intimidated by being alone voice in your party and without fear of not being re-elected. Many of your follow republicans in Congress have shown their true colors as they are putting their narrow interest ahead of principles and country. True leaders are those who lead irrespective of negative personal consequences resulting from the temporary loss of the votes the many who are exhibiting temporary distortion of reality and get blinded by perceived fears and alternative facts. History is made by the brave who stand tall against tyrants of all shades and colors. God bless America with the power and wisdom to keep the March for saving this planet from authoritarian tendencies and injustices of all kinds, including those being committed in the name of God, in the name of nationalism and the name of the Holy Land.

Author of the book Encounter in Nineveh.

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