The Greedy and Deceitful Elites of the last 30 years have led to the rise of the Authoritarian Right Movements in the West which are now threatening Democratic values

There is a great danger for the United State of America and the West. This great danger is the Greedy Elites. In every land where they have been allowed unfettered power under the pretext of removing banking and corporate regulations, they depressed the moral level in general and lowered the degree of commercial honesty in particular. The majority are subjected to relentless inequality of income and injustices due to the direct results of the Financial Big Bangs of the 80's. This has enabled the Financial Masters of the universe using the easy gained money through speculation to control the politicians. The financial system turned into casino banking. Corporation greeds multiplied and salaries of those at the top bore no relationship to those left behind. Employees are subjected to continuous fears and job insecurities.

The Greedy Elites usually choose gated neighborhoods to protect themselves from the majority. They don’t hesitate to collude among their equals as they are usually driven by assuming Divine Rights or inherited privileges to justify their claims for superiority. They are not ashamed of strangling various nations financially. They lobby for passing the laws which allows them to suck the blood of the hard working majority and all under the name of unfettered capitalism. They push for electing leaders who are ready to submit to their wills and grand them free hands to accumulate more wealth at the expense of the majority and the future generations. When their policies fail they hide behind being too “big to fail”, and ask the taxpayers to safe them.

Such powerful & deceitful Elites, over the years have engineered wars and at all times they have ensured that the blood of others’ children were spilled while their wealth multiplied.

The Ethical Elites, the Silent Majority and the Decent & Independent Press have failed in the last 30 years to stop the Greedy Deceitful Elites from marginalizing the majority including the middle class. This has let the door wide open to the rise of the Malignant Narcissists and the Authoritarian Right movements in the USA and the west to exploit the disgruntled and disadvantaged working class. The consequences are dire and will lead to a quick dive into totalitarianism as the current politicians will fail to take appropriate steps to correct the misconception of those misguided by new authoritarian leaders for fear of loosing their seats of power. The judiciary and the free press will come under sever and repeated attacks. Foreigners, refugees and the disadvantaged are becoming the scapegoats for dismantling the constitutional checks and balances. Post Truth & Alternative Facts are actively disseminated through army of unwitting and misguided followers to destroy the very world order which offered peace and security to the west over the last 70 years.

If these rising authoritarian stars are not stopped and quickly, then the values which have made America and West great will be eroded, and the decline of the West will be unstoppable and the East led by China will quickly fill the vacuum of world leadership.

In conclusion there is a great danger from the Greedy and Deceitful Elites, from the resulting rise of the Authoritarian Rights and above all from the Silent Majority if they don’t mobilize and quickly to claim back their countries and continue the march toward fairness and justice for all.

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