United, And The “Unfair” New Reality of Business
Sam Mallikarjunan

The issue with current business practices is that most CEOs are judged on their short term performance to move the price of the shares up for the speculators and Hedge fund managers in order to make a quick kill. In this process, CEO bonuses resulting from short term, i.e. quarterly increase in profit, becomes the guiding principle and not long term respect to all Stakeholders. Unless legislations are enacted to:

tax short term capital gains,

banning shorting of shares

Imposing high transaction stamps on share trading

Then the current business slippery slope will continue at the perils of depleting the planet resources, destroying the environment and creating the widest income differentials. This will be by wide spread poverty, migration, weakening of democratic systems and ultimately widespread political upheavals and wars.

Mahmoud Nafousi

Author of the book Encounter in Nineveh.

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