Faster Laravel Development with Tmux & Tmuxinator

Mahmoud Zalt
Jul 31, 2017 · 3 min read


brew install tmux
gem install tmuxinator


tmuxinator new {project-name}
# ~/.tmuxinator/sample.yml
# @author Mahmoud Zalt <>
name: sample
root: ~/Codes/Projects/laravel/sample/
# run the following commands at the beginning:
# 1. (if you use docker): start docker if not already running (using boot2docker)
# 2. (if you use docker): run some docker containers (in this example I use one for mysql and another for redis)
# 3. open my code with an IDE `PHPStorm` (You can use any other IDE)
# 4. open my default browser `chrome` and go to my app URL (this command will automatically run your default browser but you can open a specific mrowser if you want)
pre: boot2docker up && docker start sample-mysql sample-redis && pstorm . && open
windows:# window 1
- sample_1:
# the layout: I use a costum layout, however you can use any of the default layouts options [even-horizontal, even-vertical, main-horizontal, main-vertical, tiled] or generate your own layout by opening tmux then manually creating the panes and adjusting their sizes then exporting the layout with `tmux list-windows`.
layout: 69c9,158x44,0,0[158x37,0,0{79x37,0,0[79x18,0,0,0,79x18,0,19,1],78x37,80,0[78x8,80,0,2,78x14,80,9,3,78x13,80,24,5]},158x6,0,38,4]
# here you can run whatever git command you want, I just used git status for the purpos of this simple file demonstration
- git status
# if you need you can migrate the data or perform any other artisan command
- php artisan migrate
# run the PHP built in server on a specific host and port
- php artisan serve --port=8008
# this log file location works for laravel 4 adjust it to laravel 5 (if you use daily logs then tat's hard to guess, I usually just list the directory then manuallt select the file)
- cd app/storage/logs && tail -f laravel.log
# if you use codeception as testing framework then include this line otherwise you can run whichever framework you are using
- codecept run
tmuxinator start {project-name}

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