Amal six problem solving steps to raise funds for Edhi foundation

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My Last week challenge at Amal Academy was to raise funds for Edhi Foundation. This activity was directly related to help the foundation to grow more even after the death of Edhi sahab. Also the purpose of this activity was to physically practice the six Amal problem solving steps that were taught in the Amal session. These steps were to indirectly teach us the ways that how we should react to a problem when we face any.

The activity to raise funds was very challenging. I have volunteered in few activities before but raising funds for an NGO was something new for me. This challenge of fundraising was to be performed in groups. Because many of us were doing it for the first time that’s why we were nervous about many things and also had fear like; public negative response, disbelieved attitude of public etc. We wanted to collect large amount of fund so that it can help the foundation and can have a big impact in supporting the foundation. Our group spirit was high and all were very supportive and helping. Everyone was aware of what kind of problems we might face during the activity, we knew that there will be people not believing us and would ask for our authenticity, some may over exaggerate the situation or can shout on us, also there will be some people who will impose bad remarks on us, or may be many may not listen to us etc. All this actually happened but some people also gave good response like there were people who actually helped us and also gave their blessings for the success of this activity, many were also friendly and listened and believed us and helped us in raising the funds for the foundation.

  • Challenges/Problems/Fears faced by the group:

One of the most common challenges that we as group faced was to prove our authenticity that we are actually working for Edhi foundation and these funding will actually be forwarded to the NGO and will help them in a better way. Almost 80% of the public demanded from us to prove our authenticity. And this was one of the biggest challenges during the fundraising process.

Second challenge that we face was the negative response. It takes big courage for one to take a negative response as it discourages one’s hope and ability. There were few people who gave harsh remarks and negative responses and it was itself a big problem to be faced and solve.

Third challenge was public speaking. Some of us were shy and were not at ease in public speaking. Some were new to this activity and doesn’t know how to convince the other person. Also, it is a human nature that when one asks helps from a stranger it automatically creates a kind of fear of other person’s reaction and a fear of how to convince and initiate the talk.

Fourth challenge was fear of rejection. Almost every group member was afraid of this fear at the starting point and was very difficult for us to overcome it. Rejection is something nobody wants in life and we were all aware of the fact that as we are going to ask help from common public and we are total stranger to them thus we all will definitely be facing this challenge of rejection.


Fifth was the nature challenge. It was a weekly challenge and we had a deadline to collect the funds and submit to the NGO but what actually happened that it rained heavily on the first day that we selected for fund raising. And overcoming this challenge was also very time consuming as we already were left with few days to complete the challenge.

Sixth challenge was selecting of right place for collection of funding. All decisions were made in groups and because this challenge was new for all of us that’s why it was a great challenge for us to select the right place means a place where large no. of public should be present. Because this would directly help in collecting large number of funds and would help the foundation in better way.

  • Amal problem solving steps the solution to the problem:

All problems and challenges mentioned above were very difficult to us as we all were new to this activity thus we all were facing it collectively. The best part was that every group member was very helpful and supportive and that helped us further in overcoming the above mentioned challenge. Also, the six steps that Amal Academy taught us on how to solve problems and challenges in life helped us too.

The first step of “OWNING THE PROBLEM” encouraged us that we should not be afraid of any of our fear that is in our mind. And we should take the problem as our responsibility whether it is of negative response or public speaking etc because by owning it we will be able to overcome it in a more easy way.

The Third step of “COMING UP WITH AS MANY SOLUTION AS MANY” was very productive. This helped us in solving the sixth challenge. Every group member was given the opportunity to select one most reasonable place where funds can be collected and then our group collectively further selected among the options. This step leads to “think creatively and outside of the box”. Our group used this step when we have to create boxes that were to be used to place the funding for Edhi foundation and the creativeness that we added was by pasting the photos of Edhi sahab also made house shape box etc. Also, the third step leads to “how scarcity creates innovation” and this step was very helpful in solving the fifth challenge as due to heavy rain our group rather than going to different place decided to collect funds where we were already present and most of us were present in the university. Therefore after the rain stop we instead of wasting our time further collected funds from university students and they really helped us raising the funds.


The fourth step of “ASKING FOR HELP AND BRAINSTORMING IN GROUP”. This step helped us all in solving many problems as everyone was very supportive and helpful.

The fifth step of Amalproblemsolving is the “TRYING OF FIRST IDEA AND TAKING FEEDBACK”. As, we all know that feedback is very important as this can help us in knowing what impact our words are exactly on others. Also trying the thing for once and then observing the overall effect can tell safe one for many further problems.

The last but not the least step of Amalproblemsolvingstep is “CONTINUE REPEATING STEP 5 BY DIFFERENT IDEAS AND (DON’T GIVE UP!)” this step was very motivating as it encouraged us to not to lose hope even though we were listening bad remarks, negative response or rejection etc. We were very determined was not bothered by any of the challenge. Our purpose was to collect funds for Edhi foundation whether it was from universities, malls, liberty, mall road, anarkali etc. We were all very focused and were all very proud of each other, the contribution and effort every team member has made.


Overall experience:

The overall experience was mix as there were people who didn’t even listen to us and also people who if listen to us reject us or disbelieved us. There were few people too who gave bad remarks and negative responses. But it doesn’t means everyone was like that as I have mentioned previously that there were people who were very supportive and friendly. They listened to us and not only helped us but also gave blessings for the success of this activity

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